Data-driven Insights

We derive empirical insights into user behaviors and needs from novel anonymized data analytics and research collaborations with instructors and institutions.

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How to be Successful with Edtech Data

A short video reviewing big data in education, practical tips for success, and illuminating discoveries.

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How we derive insights from data

We use extensive data analytics to reveal empirical insights into how students learn, study, behave, and are motivated

Detailed analysis of students using a prototype eBook reveals how they review content (the sequence, time on task, frequency of revisits, and subsequent actions), the tools they use (search, bookmark, note taking), and how both vary during the semester. Analysis of where students get stuck and the impact of different interventions guide us with where to place links to the eBook and other learning resources optimally.

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We use data analytics to examine and improve the efficacy of each learning and assessment item

We analyze anonymous student performance and engagement on every learning and assessment item nationally, by course, major, and other segments. This allows us to iteratively, continuously, and materially improve the efficacy of content we offer.

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We also use data analytics to explore national trends in course design and success

We analyze coverage of learning objectives and student mastery to identify course trends and successful designs

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Educational Results

Science + Empathy + Data Insights

The result of this empathetic and scientific approach are learning solutions that are practical, deeply intuitive, highly impactful, and help students, instructors, and institutions to achieve their very best outcomes.

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