Assessments in Achieve

If you believe in purposeful assessment, Achieve is the courseware solution for you. Assessments in Achieve are designed to support specific pedagogical intentions:

  • Diagnostic and metacognitive tools like goal-setting exercises improve student self-efficacy and help students prepare to learn.

  • Assessments during self-directed engagement with content and assignments serve as learning experiences, in and of themselves.

  • Formative assessments for learning with feedback specific to each student’s needs.

  • Summative and authentic assessments of learning allow students to demonstrate understanding and mastery

Dimmed screenshot of Achieve for Biology with Take a Tour text on top.

Adaptive Quizzing

Achieve’s adaptive quizzing feature, LearningCurve, helps students truly understand course concepts through intentional practice. Students come to class better prepared to participate, including first-generation college students.1 Based on learning principles designed to improve student motivation and self-efficacy, LearningCurve provides hints and targeted feedback tailored to each student’s in-the-moment needs. With the ability to earn points in a game-like manner, LearningCurve delivers an interactive and supportive homework experience for students that improves course performance.2   

A screenshot of Achieve's adaptive quizzing

Goal-setting & Reflection Surveys

Based on learning research, Achieve includes five Goal-setting and Reflection Surveys designed to be administered at specific points throughout the term for maximum impact.

  • Value to students: Based on learning principles of motivation, self-reflection, and self-directed learning, Goal-setting and Reflection Surveys help set the stage for student success by inviting students to identify their own goals for your course and supporting them in developing a plan for achieving those goals.

  • Value to instructors: Instructors gain insights into non-cognitive aspects of students’ experiences which can aid in the early identification of factors that may be keeping students from achieving the course goals they have set for themselves, empowering earlier intervention with campus resources to support student success and retention.

A screenshot of Achieve's goal setting and reflection surveys

Homework with Targeted Feedback

Achieve homework goes beyond just auto-grading student homework. Through targeted feedback, Achieve Homework also helps students identify misconceptions in real time and directs students to e-book and other study resources like detailed solutions to help support student understanding. Many questions allow for the randomization of problem variables, which encourages collaboration between students to work similar, but not identical questions.

A screenshot of Achieve's homework with targeted feedback


If traditional summative examinations are a part of your pedagogical approach, Achieve’s test bank and testing functionality will help you more confidently assess students’ learning in your course. The testing functionality in Achieve provides you with:

  • Access to high quality test bank questions, crafted by subject-matter experts with direct familiarity with the course and the specific Macmillan Learning textbook you have adopted

  • Exam customization including easy question creation, question pools

  • Question-types that require student-constructed responses

  • Added security of anti-cheating features like:

    • copyright tagging of textbook questions to help our legal team quickly remove answers that appear online
    • enhanced password protection
    • the password protection feature in Achieve assessments works seamlessly with HonorLock©
  • Seamless gradebook integration for quick upload of exam scores to your LMS for grade reporting

A screenshot of Achieve's question bank