Achieve Lab Simulations for Biology 2.0 (2-Term/Twelve-Months Online; International Edition)

Second Edition

Publication Date: August 12, 2022

Achieve ISBN: 9781319467661

Achieve More with Biology Lab Simulations  2.0

Achieve’s open-ended biology lab simulations provide students with 24-hour access to realistic virtual labs. Students complete labs on their own time in a relaxed setting, and can make and learn from mistakes without the worry of wasting chemicals, time constraints, or lab equipment. ...

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ISBN: 9781319467661
Achieve Lab Simulations for Biology 2.0 (2-Term/Twelve-Months Online; International Edition)


Introduction to Lab Simulations
Experiment 1: Get to Know the Lab
Experiment 2:  Investigate the Relationship Between the Volume and Pressure of a Gas
Experiment 3: Observing a Reaction

Scientific Method - Mouse
Experiment 1: Find the Best Mouse Diet for Weight Gain
Experiment 2: Replicate the Experiment

Basic Microscopy
Experiment 1: Introduction to the Virtual Microscope
Experiment 2: Looking at Cells Using a Microscope

Experiment 1: Gram Stain
Experiment 2: Acid-Fast Staining
Experiment 3: Capsule Staining

Acids, Bases, and pH Buffers
Experiment 1: Introduction to pH Indicators
Experiment 2: The Phosphate Buffer System
Experiment 3: Buffering Capacity of a Phosphate Buffer

Cell Structure and Function
Experiment 1: Onion Root Cells
Experiment 2: Amoeba
Experiment 3: Spirogyra
Experiment 4: Paramecium
Experiment 5: Euglena
Experiment 6: Cheek Cells

Diffusion and Osmosis
Experiment 1: Membrane Size Selectivity
Experiment 2: Relative Concentration and Osmosis
Experiment 3: Osmosis in Living Cells

Expanded Diffusion and Osmosis
Experiment 1: Qualitative Evidence for Diffusion
Experiment 2: Dependence of the Rate of Diffusion on the Concentration Gradient
Experiment 3: Evidence for Osmosis
Experiment 4: Concentration Gradients and Osmosis

Biological Molecules
Experiment 1: Test for Reducing Sugars
Experiment 2: Test for Starch
Experiment 3: Test for Lipids
Experiment 4: Test for Proteins
Experiment 5: Test the Contents of Foods

Experiment 1: Effect of Temperature on Catalase Activity
Experiment 2: Effect of Substrate Concentration on Catalase Activity
Experiment 3: Effect of pH on Catalase Activity

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