It is crucial that students develop a critical approach to learning about and analysing the past. We publish intelligent and engaging textbooks that support this. From introductory survey textbooks to advanced texts on focussed topics we present leading research in an accessible way. Our titles provide new perspectives for academics, students and history enthusiasts alike.

Achieve for History

Achieve is our online learning system backed by extensive development and research. Proven to increase student engagement and boost performance.

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Achieve offers:

An icon for access to the e-book shows the illustration of a diary against a blue background.Access to the ebook to download, read and virtually annotate for a completely flexible experience
An icon for course and book-specific resources shows the illustration of a clock against a blue background.Course and book-specific resources resources including adaptive quizzing to personalise the experience for students
An icon for the grade book shows the illustration of a graduation cap against a blue background.A grade book, assignable assessments with targeted feedback, insights and reporting, instructor resources - all with seamless integration options.
An icon for integrated with i Clicker shows the illustration of three lines in a triangular manner with a dot in the middle against a blue background.Integrated with iClicker so that instructors and students can benefit in class and remotely from an industry leading student response system.
An icon for history tutorials shows the illustration of a play button inside a square against a blue background. A pen is on the bottom right corner of the square. History tutorials on a variety of topics like working with primary sources, avoiding plagiarism, preparing writing assignments, and taking effective notes support students with their fundamental study skills.
An icon for the wealth of primary sources shows the illustration of a folder against a blue background. A wealth of primary sources along with formative and summative assessments. Helping students to build historical thinking skills.