TopLinks: Cars

Big and Bad
This article by Malcolm Gladwell, originally published in The New Yorker, details safety concerns about SUVs.

Car Talk
This companion site to Tom and Ray Magliozzi's popular National Public Radio show, Car Talk, follows in the footsteps of its namesake with lots of humor and a dash of technical information. Features include “Actual Car Information,” “Our Lousy Radio Show,” “Time Kill Central,” “Talk Back & Chat,” “Shameless Commerce,” and “Forgotten Features.”

Friends of the Earth – Transportation
This page outlines efforts of the environmental advocacy group Friends of the Earth to promote "smarter, low-pollution transportation alternatives."

Hybrid Cars
This Web site provides information about the hybrid models currently available to U.S. consumers with the purpose of encouraging people to make the switch from gas-powered cars.

Hydrogen Cars
This article on Science Central examines the future of hydrogen cars in the U.S. market.