TopLinks: Drugs

Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association
The Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association lobbies Congress "to expand the workplace drug and alcohol testing market." The site includes links to news articles about drug testing.

Drug Enforcement Administration
This site has extensive information on the agency, its policy, drugs, and "the war on drugs."

Drug Reform Coordination Network
Though it dates from 1994, this site raises many of the issues surrounding both the legalization and the prohibition of drugs in the two speeches presented by Lee Brown and Judge Gray of Orange County, CA.

Drug Sense
If you have reservations about the war on drugs, explore Drug Sense. This site informs the American public about the "war," and by doing this, tries to make the public active in making a positive change. The site maintains a weekly newsletter, breaking stories, and discussion groups. Also on this site, view Barbara Erenreich's essay "Kicking the Big One," in which she argues against drug prohibition and engages in a discussion about the legalization of some illegal drugs.

National Institute on Drug Abuse
Part of the National Institute of Health, the National Institute on Drug Abuse researches drug abuse and addiction. Click here for extensive statistical information on anabolic steroids, alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, and heroin, as well as treatment methods.

NPR: Should We Accept Steroid Use in Sports?
This article explores the arguments for and against steroid use, providing the reader with compelling arguments from both sides about whether steroid use should be allowed in sports.

Office of National Drug Control Policy
The site for the U.S. government's office of drug control includes information about the ONDCP's news and public affairs, drugs (facts and stats), publications, media campaign, prevention and education, and treatment.