TopLinks: Film Studies

American Cinematographer
The American Society of Cinematographers is dedicated to the technology and artistry of moviemaking. The magazine portion of this Web site contains numerous archived articles and interviews with cinematographers.

Bright Lights Film Journal
Focusing on how images reflect, support, or subvert capitalist society, Bright Lights Film Journal provides film criticism and historical analysis.

Filmsite “is a unique Web site containing interpretive, descriptive review commentary and historical background, and hundreds of colorful, vintage film posters for some of the best Hollywood and American classic films in the last century.” Click here to read about several of the genres mentioned in Ray's essay, including film noir, cowboy westerns, and gangster films, and a discussion of Birth of a Nation and Gone with the Wind.

Images Journal
Dedicated to movies, television, video, and other popular visual arts, the Images Journal site features reviews of contemporary and classic films and analyses of different film genres.

American Film Institute
AFI’s list of “100 Years . . . 100 Movies,” which celebrated the centennial of cinema, is offered in full on this site. The site also provides additional lists—including best film scores, best movie musicals, and a tenth anniversary update of the original list—videos, and information about programs and events.

Independent Film Channel

The homepage of the Independent Film Channel features videos, Web series, news, and a full schedule for the cable channel.

Motion Picture Association of America

The Motion Picture Association of America, best known for the rating system of American movies, discusses content protection, policies, and research, and provides resources for parents on its Web site.

Internet Movie Database
IMDB allows users to select a movie and find out information about its director, producer, actors, awards, and so on. The site also features reviews of current movies and industry news.