TopLinks: Law

American Civil Liberties Union
This is a site developed by the ACLU, an organization determined to uphold civil rights through the legal system. There are articles about legal cases and congressional issues with which the ACLU is involved and a library of articles about significant discriminatory topics. The site also includes news, congress, and court coverage of discriminatory practices in the U.S. Dictionary
This free online version of The Real Life Dictionary of the Law by Gerald and Kathleen Hill is a valuable reference tool for anybody attempting to decipher legalese.
This legal information resource offers advice and information for attorneys, legal support services, and the public.

Legal Information Institute of the Cornell Law School
This extensive site offers Supreme Court decisions, decisions of lower courts, a search feature, and many other resources.

National Center for Law and Economic Justice
This links page directs you to pages containing information on law and policy and advocacy resources, as well as those sponsored by low-income organizations.

National Immigration Law Center
This site provides information about recent developments in the immigration debate and the NILC’s dedication to helping low-income immigrants. With a focus on research, litigation, and building coalitions, the NILC publishes a newsletter, Immigrants' Rights Update, and provides links to information on such current issues as the California Dream Act and ways to become involved in advocacy and services at the center.

Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet
This Library of Congress source is useful for finding legislative information on the Internet. It includes a search feature.