TopLinks: Marriage and Family

Alliance for Marriage
This site is maintained by the Alliance for Marriage (AFM), a non-profit research and education organization dedicated to promoting marriage and addressing the epidemic of fatherless families in the United States.

American Family Association
The American Family Association defends traditional family values, particularly against assaults in the entertainment media.

Facts for Families
The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry offers this excellent online resource. Click here to learn more about children and divorce, child abuse, children with disabilities, day care, teen pregnancy, and more.

Family Equality Council
The Family Equality Council "works to ensure equality for LGBT families." Its Web site offers an archive of articles about gay, lesbian, and transgender parents, issues in the news, and links to other sites of interest.

Family Research Council
The Family Research Council "dedicated to the promotion of marriage and family and the sanctity of human life in national policy." Its Web site includes articles, reports, and position papers against same-sex parenting and adoption.

Focus on the Family
Focus on the Family is a socially conservative nonprofit organization “dedicated to nurturing and defending families worldwide.” Its site offers articles and resources on topics such as parenting, marriage, social issues, and coping with various “life challenges.”

ForbesWoman, a division of the popular business site, published an article in February of 2010 addressing the question "Does a wife who outearns her husband bring a new set of troubles?". View the article here.

National Center for Fathering
The National Center for Fathering Web site offers research information on fatherlessness in America, the Urban Fathering Project, and links to other relevant sites.

National Council on Family Relations
The National Council on Family Relations is an association of family researchers and educators working to “promote family well-being” through public policy and education. The site offers numerous public-policy papers and fact sheets covering such socioeconomic issues as economic stability, same-sex marriages, and substance abuse.

National Marriage Project
The National Marriage Project aims to strengthen the institution of marriage by providing research and analysis that informs public policy, educates the American public, and focuses attention on a problem of enormous scope and consequence.

Partners Task Force for Gay and Lesbian Couples
Partners Task Force for Gay and Lesbian Couples offers this frequently updated resource for same-sex couples. The site offers timely essays, surveys, and resources on legal marriage, ceremonies, domestic partner benefits, relationship tips, and parenting.

Promise Keepers
Promise Keepers is a religious movement that encourages men to take responsibility of their lives and families through upbeat male-only stadium events and active church membership. The site offers resources “to help men keep their promises” as well as pastoral news.

Research Forum on Children, Families, and the New Federalism
The Research Forum offers a comprehensive database of research projects that explore welfare reform, child well-being, and links to other important research and advocacy groups. "Beware: Sugar Mamas, Bitter Singles"
This article published in Salon, an online arts and culture magazine, responds to one of the New York Times articles that addressed the Pew study "Women, Men and the New Economics of Marriage." View the article, including links to the New York Times article and Pew study, here.