TopLinks: Media

Search and explore the vast blogosphere at BlogScope, an analysis and visualization tool currently tracking millions of weblogs. BlogScope is being developed as part of a research project at the University of Toronto.

Center on Media and Child Health
Based at Children's Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School, and the Harvard School of Public Health, the Center on Media and Child Health researches how media affect children's health in positive and negative ways. The site features abstracts of numerous research papers and guides for teachers and parents on topics such as media literacy, images of smoking in movies, and violent video games.

Daniel Chandler's Media and Communication Studies Site
Although a bit dated, this site from the United Kingdom has an extensive menu of specific areas of research, such as Active Interpretation, TV and Radio, Gender, Ethnicity, and Class, and News Media. Each topic links to in-depth essays on that particular area's role in media in society and culture.

Into the Blogosphere
This web site is dedicated to exploring the rhetoric, community, and culture of weblogs.

Media Awareness Network
The Media Awareness Network encourages young people to think critically about the media and claims to be "home to one of the world's most comprehensive collections of media and digital literacy resources."

Media History Project
The Media History Project offers a variety of sources on the history of television and other media, as well as links to bibliographies, instructional material, professional media associations, listservs, and journals.

Media Research Center
This site makes the conservative case that news media has "a strident liberal bias." The Media Research Center examines major media on a daily basis for suspected bias and publishes quantitative reports like "Media Bias Basics" aimed at proving the charge.

Media Watch
Media Watch distributes educational videos, media literacy information, and newsletters to help create more informed consumers of the mass media. An especially useful tool is the Media Watch Archive, which features substantive readings on race, sex, and violence in the media.

New American Media
A national collaboration of ethnic news organizations, New American Media seeks to raise the editorial visibility of ethnic media and ethnic communities. This searchable multimedia site is updated regularly and also provides links to numerous ethnic news organizations around the world.

Publishing 2.0
This blog looks at growing technology and its effect on media and journalism.

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society
The Berkman Center at Harvard University studies the relationship between the internet and the law. The web site features information about the centerís projects, a number of which have related blogs, as well as papers published by the centerís members.

Center for Media Literacy: What Parents Can Do about Media Violence
This page is "a special-topic area of the Center for Media Literacy's Web site." Links to background articles and research, analysis, and related Web sites are included.

FCC Media Bureau
The Federal Communications Commissionís Media Bureau is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of all policies regarding electronic media, including cable television, broadcast television, and radio. The site contains forms, links, and headline updates.

Media Matters for America
Media Matters for America is a not-for-profit, Web-based organization dedicated to ďmonitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.Ē The site contains a multitude of articles, videos, and a frequently updated blog.

New Media Institute
The New Media Institute is a site for Internet facts, statistics, research, and analysis. The site features an Internet law library, the Web Site Awards, webinars, and new media news.