TopLinks: Sports

Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics
COIA is a coalition of faculty senate leaders at Bowl Championship Series conference schools who seek to ensure that “athletics enhances rather than undermines the academic mission.”

National College Athletic Association
The official site for the NCAA, featuring news about college athletics, rules, events, and much more.

National College Players Association
Created by athletes at UCLA, the NCPA aims to serve "as a powerful advocacy group for college athletes across the nation."

National Institute of Drug Abuse: Steroids
Part of the National Institutes of Health, this Web site provides scientific information about anabolic-androgenic steroids and health hazards involved in their use.

Sport in Society
Sport in Society from Northeastern University seeks to increase awareness of sport and its relation to society and to develop programs that identify problems, offer solutions, and promote the benefits of sport. Programs include AmeriCorps-funded Athletes in Service to America and Urban Youth Sports programs.

Beginning of Organized Sports in America
This essay examines the history and cultural significance of sports in the United States, covering collegiate and professional sports, and discrimination in sports.

National Federation of State High School Associations
The NFHS brings together high school sports coaches, music directors, and theater directors. Their Web site offers a wealth of information, including a newsfeed, featured items, sections on sportsmanship, education, coaching, and sports medicine, and a spotlight on sports.

Title IX and Athletics
Title IX, passed in 1972, enforces gender equality in education, both in athletics and in the classroom. The official Title IX Web site offers history of the legislation, updates, information on how to find your school’s Title IX coordinator, and profiles on various women.