ChemCom 6e Weblinks – Unit 2

Section A.2
The International System of Units
Metric Information and Conversions
Section A.4
Brief History of the Steam Engine
Resources for Science Learning
Section A.5
The University of Virginia Physics Show – Marshmallow Man
Pierre and Marie Learn about Vacuum
Section A.10
The University of Colorado at Boulder Phet – Gas Properties
ACS ChemMatters
Section C.3
What does PPM or PPB mean?
Resources: Conversion Tables
Measurement Analogies – How small is PPB and PPT?
Section C.5
Johnson Matthey Catalysts
Rates of reaction - kinetics
Section C.8
Microscale Gas Chemistry
Section C.10
Forces and Winds
Section C Summary
National Ice Core Laboratory
Section D.1
What are the Six Common Air Pollutants?
Air Pollutants
Pollutants & Sources
Air quality and heath
Section D.2
Ozone Safety Test
OzoneLab OLM Pricelist
Section D.5
The Weather Channel Video
NOW Deadly Smog
Section D.10
Cap and Trade
Writing and Presenting a Scientific Poster
Designing conference posters
Design of Scientific Posters
Creating Effective Poster Presentations – An Effective Poster