ChemCom 6e WebLinks – Unit 4

UNESCO-IHE – Water Footprints of Nations

Section A.7
USGS – Summary of the Water Cycle
NASA Earth Observatory – The Water Cycle
National Weather Service – The Hydrologic Cycle
NASA – The Hydrologic Cycle
NASA – Water Cycle
USGS – Water Use in the United States

Section B.3
Aus-e-tute Chemistry Tutorial – Molecule Polarity
Elaboration – Molecular Polarity

Section B.4

Section B.5
Guide to ppm, ppb, and ppt

Section B.7
Beer-Lambert Law
ChemGuide - Beer-Lambert Law

Section B.8
Supersaturated Solution

Section B.12
Decompression Illness
Diving Medicine Articles

Section C.7
pH and Alkalinity
Consumer Information

Chemistry at Work
George Mason University – Abul Hussam

Section D.1
BASIN Water Quality Terminology
EPA Water Quality Criteria

Section D.4
EPA – Ground Water and Drinking Water
DrinkTap – Your Water Utility

Section D.6
American Chemistry Council – Safe Water
Water Quality and Health
Tech Brief - Disinfection

U.S. FDA – Bottled Water Everywhere – Keeping it Safe
America's Thirst for Water: An Examination of Bottled vs. Tap Drinking Water
NRDC – Bottled Water: Pure Drink or Pure Hype?

Section D.8
Morton Helps Your Home Work Better

How does a water softener work?