ChemCom 6e Web Links- Unit 5

Section A.5
Nitrogen Use Statistics

Section B.9
United States Environmental Protection Agency Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge
United States Environmental Protection Agency Green Chemistry
American Chemistry Society Green Chemistry Institute
Green Chemistry Network
Beyond Benign: Green Chemistry Defined
California Green Chemistry Initiative
International Council of Chemical Associations Responsible Care Initiative
American Chemistry Council Responsible Care
Chemistry Industry Association of Canada Responsible Care

Section B Summary
United States Environmental Protection Agency Toxics Release Inventory Program

Section D.1
Electrochemistry Encyclopedia: Volta and the “Pile”
Wikipedia: Galvani Potential
Wikipedia: Electromotive Force
Pavia Project Physics
The Enigma of Volta's “Contact Tension” and the Development of the “Dry Pile”
Confusion and Controversy: Nineteenth-Century Theories of the Voltaic Pile

Section D.2
Wikipedia: Electrochemistry
UC Davis ChemWiki: Electrochemistry

Section D.7
Battery University
How Stuff Works: How Electric Car Batteries Work
Lifecycle Analysis for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Energy Bulletin
Material Use in the United States (Selected Case Studies for Cadmium, Cobalt, Lithium, and Nickel in Rechargeable Batteries)

Section D.8
United States Environmental Protection Agency Design for the Environment
International Organization for Standardization

Chemistry at Work
Argonne National Laboratory: Li-Air
Science Daily: Air-Fueled Battery Could Last Up to 10 Times Longer
Science Daily: Lithium-Air Batteries Could Displace Gasoline in Future Cars
Wikipedia: KWL Table
Reading Quest: What Is KWL?