Tutorial for Sentence Fragments

What is it?

A sentence fragment fails to communicate a complete, coherent idea. It lacks a subject or a predicate or both.

How to find and correct errors

  1. If a fragment is a phrase, link it to an adjoining sentence or make it a complete sentence.

    Students preparing for the SAT should register for the test by November 1.

  2. If a fragment is a dependent clause, link it to an adjoining sentence or eliminate the subordinating conjunction.

    John will finish the project on Monday. If, if he has time.

  3. If a fragment has a participle, but no other verb, change the participle to a main verb or link the fragment to an adjoining sentence.

    Maria was used to long hours of practice. H, havingaving performed with several ballet companies.

  4. If a fragment is part of a compound predicate, link it with the complete sentence containing the rest of the predicate.

    In this class I’ve learned how to read critically. Aand write well.