Module Outline
Appendix: Careers
The appendix provides an introduction to the field of psychology, and a brief explanation of how psychologists do their work is given.
The appendix then continues with a discussion of how research into psychology can be divided up into basic and applied research and how various types of psychologists work within their specialty.
Types of psychologists
  Clinical psychologist
  Counseling psychologist
Careers in Psychology
  Academic psychology
  Basic Research
    Biological psychologists  
    Social psychologists
    Developmental psychologists
    Cognitive psychologists
    Experimental/research psychologists
  Psychologists who solve problems
  Applied Research
    Forensic psychologists
    Sports psychologists
    Educational psychologists
    Human-factor psychologists
    Industrial/organizational psychologists
    School psychologists
    Consumer psychologists
    Rehabilitation psychologists
    Health psychologists
    Social workers