Module Outline
Module 10: Hypnosis and Other States of Consciousness
Module 10 explains the phenomena of hypnosis. The module begins by introducing the states of consciousness and the dual processing model.
It then continues with a definition of what hypnosis is and the theories of how it works.
Hypnotic induction is discussed in detail, including the Stanford Hypnotic Susceptibility Scale. Hypnotic suggestion and posthypnotic amnesia are explained.  The module also explains how hypnosis can be used in everyday life.
Finally, the module concludes with an application of relaxation and meditation techniques and some research on their effectiveness.
States of Consciousness
  Explicit track
  Implicit track
  Dual processing
  Change blindness
What Is Hypnosis?
  Social influence theory
  Divided consciousness theory
  Ernest Hilgard
  Hidden observer
Hypnotic Techniques
  Stanford Hypnotic Susceptibility Scale
  Hypnotic suggestion
  Posthypnotic suggestion
  Posthypnotic amnesia
Applications of Hypnosis
  Hypnosis and memory
  Hypnosis and pain
  Placebo effect
  Age regression
Relaxation and Meditation