Module Outline
Module 18: Social Thinking and Social Influence
Module 18 introduces the first of three modules on social psychology. The area of study is defined and attribution theory, attitudes, and cognitive dissonance are discussed.
The areas within social influence are explained. Solomon Asch’s conformity study and Stanley Milgram’s famous study on obedience are detailed.
The module concludes by discussing how the presence of others influences our behavior.  How others enhance and detract from our performance is explained, as well as how the members of a group influence our attitudes.
Introduction to Social Thinking and Social Influence
  Social psychology
Social Thinking
  Attribution theory
  Dispositional attribution
  Situational attribution
  Fundamental attribution error
  Self-serving bias
  Foot-in-the-door phenomenon
  Role playing
  Zimbardo’s prison study
  Cognitive dissonance
  Cognitive dissonance theory
Social Influence
  Solomon Asch
  Asch’s conformity study
  Stanley Milgram
  Milgram’s obedience study
  Group influence
  Social facilitation
  Social loafing
  Group interaction effects
  Group polarization
  The power of the individual
  Self-fulfilling prophecy
  Minority influence