Module Outline
Module 1: History and Perspectives in Psychological Science
Module 1 presents an introduction to the field of psychology.  It provides the definition of psychology, and how research in the field can be divided up into basic and applied research.
The module also presents a brief history of the field from Wundt’s laboratory in 1879 to the present.
Psychology can be subdivided into various perspectives or viewpoints. Each has a different way to view behavior. Module 1 discusses six of the contemporary perspectives: psychodynamic, behavioral, humanistic, cognitive, biological, and social-cultural.
The module concludes with a look at current day movements in the field.
Definition of Psychology
  Basic Research
  Applied Research
Modern Psychology’s Roots 19th-Century Roots
  Wilhelm Wundt
  E. B. Titchener
  Gestalt psychology
  William James
Psychology in the 20th Century
  Sigmund Freud
  Ivan Pavlov
  John B. Watson
  B.F. Skinner
  Humanistic psychology
  Abraham Maslow
  Carl Rogers
  Jean Piaget
Psychology’s American Groundbreakers
  Kenneth Clark
  Mamie Phipps Clark
Six Contemporary Psychological Perspectives
  Psychodynamic perspective
  Behavioral perspective
  Humanistic perspective
  Cognitive perspective
  Biological perspective
  Social-cultural perspective
Psychology in the 21st Century
  Behavior genetics
  Evolutionary psychology
  Positive psychology