Module Outline
Module 23: Forgetting and Memory Construction
Module 23 explains how information is forgotten or misconstrued. The module begins with a review of the encoding, storage, and retrieval process described in Module 22.
Next, how encoding failures lead to forgetting is discussed. Ebbinghaus’s forgetting curve is used to explain storage failure in forgetting information. 
Forgetting as retrieval failure is explained by centering on the interference effects of proactive and retroactive interference and how Freud’s concept of repression operates. The module concludes by discussing how memories can be altered, especially those of eye- witness testimonies and the memories of abused children.
Introduction to Forgetting and Memory Construction
Forgetting as Encoding Failure
Forgetting as Storage Failure
  Hermann Ebbinghaus
  The forgetting curve
  Permastore memory
Forgetting as Retrieval Failure
  Proactive interference
  Retroactive interference
  Motivated forgetting
  Sigmund Freud
Memory Construction
  Elizabeth Loftus
  Misinformation effect
  Children’s recall
  False memories
  Recovered memories