Our Accessibility and Usability Statement

Bedford, Freeman & Worth Publishing Group (BFW) is committed to investing the time and resources needed to ensure that our educational materials are accessible to users of all abilities. BFW has partnered with the National Center for Accessible Media (NCAM) to evaluate and refine our digital materials. So that we can continue to improve the usability and accessibility of our products, BFW works closely with adopters and actively solicits their feedback.

At BFW, we understand that accessibility can have different requirements in different situations. The same content that is accessible via screen reader on a Web site is not automatically accessible as part of a course management module. And one assistive technology might succeed where another one fails. Ensuring accessibility demands attention to platforms, actual content, and assistive technologies together.

Accessibility Options for Print Books:

It is BFW's policy to provide electronic versions of our books on demand, at no charge, to DSS offices upon request for qualified students with disabilities. We require that students purchase a new copy of the text and provide proof of purchase to the school's DSS office.

For Schools in the ACCESSTEXT Network:

BFW is a founding member and supporter of the AccessText Network for higher education textbooks. Requests for electronic versions of our titles can be made via AccessText. Accessibility-related permissions can also be expedited via AccessText.

For Schools NOT in the ACCESSTEXT Network:
  1. Search for the title using an ISBN search at Learning Ally (formerly known as Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic). Learning Ally carries BFW titles that have previously been requested in an alternate format. If a title is not listed you can request a title. Click here for the link to their search page.
  2. If the title is not listed and cannot otherwise be obtained from Learning Ally, submit a request to BFW. Please be aware that books published in or prior to 2000 may not be available in an electronic format. In most instances, we will provide PDF files that are accessible to assistive technology. We require our readers to have purchased a hard copy of the text before we provide the book in electronic format.

In those instances where we cannot provide electronic files (whether your not a school is in the ACCESSTEXT Network) we will provide a copy of the text to be scanned locally by the disability services office at the school.

NIMAS Compliance:

BFW works to make our electronic files NIMAS compliant on an as needed basis for 9 - 12 textbooks and related supplemental material. Many titles meet NIMAS compliance and we are converting new titles every month.

Accessibility Practices for Online / Offline Media:

Audio-Visual Materials:

BFW is committed to providing closed-captioning and/or transcripts for videos. Many of our audio-visual materials have been close-captioned with accompanying transcripts.

Base eBooks (PDF):

BFW offers our textbooks as base ebooks through a number of distributors. BFW has tagged its pdf files so that they can be read by a screen reader. If you plan to offer your students the option to purchase a BFW ebook using a third party platform we recommend that you contact the third party for more information on their platforms accessibility statement.

Enhanced eBooks (media-rich online textbooks):

Many BFW titles are available as media rich ebooks. These titles are generally conformant with assistive technologies.

Premium Online Homework Solutions and Textbook-Supporting Websites:

BFW has teamed with NCAM and other industry partners to identify and remove barriers to our supporting websites and premium Online Homework Solutions and to steadily improve accessibility for all users. We have devoted resources to working toward meeting WCAG 2.0 standards for accessibility.

Ongoing Commitment:

All new BFW titles are created with accessibility standards and needs in mind. In addition, BFW is committed to ongoing evaluation and enhancement of existing products to improve accessibility.