• English

    Macmillan Learning Curriculum Solutions

    Macmillan Learning Curriculum Solutions can help transform your English course by delivering unique course solutions. 

    Customize one of our renowned handbooks or readers
    Professionally publish your own content
    Borrow some Bedford/St. Martin's content to supplement what you have already written

    We can help you realize your vision of relevant and affordable course materials in print and digital formats. 

    SMH 8e         WritersRef         Custom Handbooks
    Course Guide
    Student Essay Collection
    Composition Workbook
    Course Website   


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    Bedford Select

    Bedford Select makes it easy to customize your reader or literature anthology.  Over 800 essays, stories, poems, plays, images, and instructional materials are available in the Bedford Select database to help you build an affordable course text for your students.

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    ForeWords for English

    ForeWords for English contains a library of the most popular, requested content from renowned Bedford/St. Martin's authors in easy to use modules to help you build the best possible handbook or writing text. Learn more about ForeWords.

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    Macmillan Learning + Macmillan Trade Partnership

    Our fully vetted Macmillan content can be combined with your proprietary materials to create a unique customized product that will infuse excitement and vigor into your writing program.

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