Create Course Materials That Meet Your Students’ Needs

Sometimes, off-the-shelf course materials don’t quite hit the mark for everything you and your students need. Our Curriculum Solutions team makes it easy to create tailored course resources with the option to modify existing Macmillan Learning materials or create entirely new ones with your content.

Where would you like to start?

How Will You Customize Your Course?

Customize Macmillan Learning Content

Don’t have time to start from scratch? Start with our existing content and modify as much or as little as you want to fit your curriculum needs.

Customize Macmillan Learning Content

Create My Own Content

Already have your own content or a concept for the material you’d like to produce? Create ideal teaching resources from your original work with guidance from our Custom experts.

Customize My Own Content

Educators Teaching Their Course, Their Way

When the possibilities are endless, sometimes it helps to see real examples of custom course materials. Below are two examples of real educators using Macmillan Learning’s customization services to create personalized learning materials to match their course’s style, sequence, and specific learning needs.

Starting with Macmillan Learning Content

Customize course materials by starting with Macmillan Learning’s content.

Del Mar College Logo

Del Mar College

Del Mar College created a customized print version of Gardner’s Understanding Your College Experience, 3rd ed. Their unique version featured school-specific original material in the back of the book to facilitate easy delivery of student assignments from the textbook content.

Creating Your Own Content

Create unique course materials with your own work, content, and interactives, or create entirely new materials with our Custom Solutions team.

San Diego State University Logo

San Diego State University

In their digital Chemistry course, instructors from SDSU wrote a digital e-book, but also included several of Macmillan Learning’s Achieve Lab Simulations for Chemistry v. 1.0 in their course.

Learn How to Create Custom Classroom Materials for Your Discipline

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