• Supports students and instructors during every step of learning
  • Provides flexible tools and great content to teach the way you want, for your course, and with your students
  • Built for students of all levels of preparation and motivation

Achieve is Macmillan’s next-generation online learning system: a fully mobile, accessible, and flexible learning system. Building on the best features of our legacy platforms, Achieve offers powerful assessment tools and content to support students of all levels of preparation in an intuitive and user-friendly system. These tools also easily integrate with your school's LMS if needed for a seamless experience.

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Creating Closer Connections

As you adapt to changes in learning, Achieve does too. Achieve is evolving to help strengthen how you engage students and create closer connections.

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The Achieve Story


Macmillan has several market-leading software solutions which have served over 20 million students in the past decade. In 2015, we set out to take the best features of each solution and marry them into a platform that is intuitive and flexible.

LaunchPad LaunchPad

LearningCurve LearningCurve

Sapling Sapling

WriterKey WriterKey

Late Nite Labs iClicker

FlipIt FlipIt

Writer’s Help Writer’s Help

Hayden McNeil Online Collection Hayden McNeil Online Collection

Built in partnership with instructors and students

Our Learning Science and Insights team helped guide the design and development process with the latest research and efficacy results from testing. Instructors and students then co-designed with Macmillan for several years both in the classroom and in the lab. Now that Achieve is available, our Learning Science team continues to research different aspects of Achieve, such as the Goal-setting and Reflection Surveys, to determine what is effective and they then work with our Product Teams to make improvements to Achieve based on data from users. For more information on how our Learning Science team conducts their research or to check out new findings click here to view more of our Learning Science Research.

Engaging Students with Active Learning

We know from research–and from time in the classroom–that students who are active participants in their learning are more likely to understand and retain new concepts–and it makes the learning process more fun. Knowing this, Achieve includes plenty of opportunities for active learning, including the integration with iClicker, our award-winning student response system, as well as many different tools for learning, such as videos, simulations, and animations, and the diverse question types and assignments that assess understanding of that material.

Options for Access

Whether you are looking to have all of your students in Achieve on the first day, with one of our Inclusive Access programs, or you want to make sure all your grades are in your learning management system (LMS), Achieve is the program for you.

Proven Student Success


Based on a survey of Achieve users in Fall of 2021 with over 200 instructor and over 3000 student responses.

Purposeful usage of Achieve is effective.

Students using more of their courses’ assignments and having higher grades on those assignments, had higher exam scores. Students with higher grades on their assignments (gradebook average) could expect to be 8 points higher on exams. Students that use or engage with less than the median student in each course can expect to perform 4% to 12% lower on their exams (depending on how much less work the student did), while students that use more than the typical, perform 1.5% to 3% higher on their exams.

Reflection snapshot in Achieve for an english course


88% of students said Achieve was easy to use.


82% of students agreed that Achieve helped them develop, practice, and apply skills associated with their course.


80% of instructors agree that Achieve helped students improve their knowledge of the course material.

Benefits & Features


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  1. Content to Enhance Your Teaching

    Each Achieve course comes with unique, course-specific content that may include our award-winning e-books, pre-built assessments, and multimedia assets as well as support for pre-class preparation, in-class active learning, and post-class work and self-study.

  2. Adaptive Quizzing for Personalized Learning

    LearningCurve Adaptive quizzing provides personalized question sets and clear feedback based on each student’s correct and incorrect answers--offering an easy way for students to prepare for class by reviewing the e-book and then assessing their understanding of the key concepts.

  3. Teach Students How to Study and Learn

    There are five surveys in Achieve designed to get students to set goals for themselves and reflect on their learning throughout the semester. For each survey you assign, you will receive insights on the strategies students are using, how they think the semester is going, and how you can target interventions and support based on your class.

  4. Assess Student Understanding

    Each course provides practice for students through auto-graded assignments including those that focus on critical thinking, understanding, and skill-building. Instructors can assign pre-built assessments or create their own questions and assignments as well.

  5. Active Learning Integrated with iClicker

    With Achieve’s seamless integration with iClicker, included at no additional cost in some Achieve courses, you can bring any classroom - in person or virtual - to life with attendance, polling and quizzing options. iClicker also allows students to participate using laptops and mobile devices all in the same classroom. Additionally, take advantage of In-Class Activity Guides and book-specific iClicker questions within Achieve to make the most out of your classroom.

    Using Achieve & iClicker

  6. Access for Everyone

    Macmillan Learning strives to create products that are usable by all learners and meet universally applied accessibility standards.

  7. Analytics Highlight Barriers to Learning

    Insights and Reporting provide powerful analytics, viewable in an elegant dashboard, that offer instructors a window into student progress and facilitate lessons that are specifically tailored to students’ needs.

  8. Use Your LMS to Organize Our Great Content

    Achieve can all be integrated with the tools of your choice--including the iClicker Student Response system or your LMS (Blackboard, Canvas, D2L or Moodle).

  9. User Assistance When and How You Need It

    We take our support seriously, and it is important to us that if you do have questions about any of our products, you get the assistance you need when you need it--through our sales team, our discipline and product specialists, our training teams, our online training and support materials, and our support team.

How does Achieve work for individual disciplines?

Achieve offers an e-book, course- and book-specific resources, gradebook, LearningCurve adaptive quizzing, assessment tools, insights and reporting, and integration options. See which features are available for your discipline.

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Helping students succeed with Achieve


Access your content anywhere with Achieve


Adaptive Quizzing: Simple and Effective.


Goal-setting and Reflection Surveys in Achieve Work


Maximize Class Time with Achieve's Activity Guides


Achieve Faculty Consultants

Looking for ideas on how you can use Achieve in your class? Visit our community to connect with our faculty consultants.

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Hear from Users


We have had a large number of students and instructors try out Achieve so far. Here's what a few of those users had to say about it.

I found Achieve was readily accessible and was not complicated to pick up or to use anywhere, any time.”

Being able to go over something as many times as you would like till it is ironed into your brain is nice. I like being able to coincide assignments with exams to make sure I understand the content.”

As I continue to progress in my position, there are more responsibilities outside of the classroom that require more of my time. Having Achieve relieves some stress for this course as I know it takes less time for me to prepare things on my own.”

Ryan Elsenpeter

For some reason, these students worked together far more than is common. Like a lot more. They have long meetings in the library several times a week, and a significant portion of the class goes. It is, in one word, amazing.”

William Griffiths

The pre-lecture activities helped the students to participate more in the class.”

Harpreet Malhotra

Integration Options


Achieve can all be integrated with the tools of your choice.

iClicker Device Lineup


Experience the best in classroom engagement! iClicker has once again been voted as the winner of the Campus Technology Reader's Choice Award for best student response and classroom engagement system.

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Students working on computers in a library

Inclusive Access

Inclusive Access is a program that ensures that every student has access to their course materials through their LMS on the first day of class.

Learn more about Inclusive Access

Students sitting in a lecture hall actively listening to the speaker

LMS Integration

Want to make your life easier? Keep all your course content and students’ grades in one place, with one sign-in.

Learn more about LMS Integration

Talk to your local representative about your integration options.

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