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The Achieve Story


Macmillan has several market-leading software solutions which have served over 20 million students in the past decade. Four years ago we set out to take the best features of each solution and marry them into a platform that is intuitive and flexible.


LaunchPad LaunchPad
Ease of use
Intuitive design

LearningCurve LearningCurve
Loved by students
Uses learning research
Provides adaptive quizzing to over 10 million students

Sapling Sapling
Online homework with feedback
Excellent support

WriterKey WriterKey
Instructor commenting
Peer review

Late Nite Labs iClicker
Market leading student engagement system
Automated geolocation attendance
Simple & quick setup

FlipIt FlipIt
The most successful flipped class product in the last ten years
Designed with extensive learning research baked in

Writer’s Help Writer’s Help
Writing tools
Smart search

Learning Science and Insights

Our Learning Science and Insights team helped guide the design and development process with the latest research and efficacy results from testing. Instructors and students co-designed with Macmillan for several years both in the classroom and in the lab.

Two levels of Institutional Review Board

Macmillan is also the only publisher to secure two levels of Institutional Review Board approval for *every* study of Achieve—giving us unprecedented access to student performance and perceptions.

A carefully crafted platform

We have always developed carefully vetted and respected content, but we proceeded to refine our structure to develop software and implemented best practices such as Common Design Language, User Testing Laboratory, Robust User and Quality Testing Environment.

Proven Student Success


Macmillan Learning has conducted research for several years on how and for whom Achieve works best. These data points come out of that research.

Reflection snapshot in Achieve for an english course


Students who complete at least 81% of their pre-class activities can expect an 8% boost on their final exam scores.


3.26 out of 4 instructors strongly agree that Achieve can enhance learning in this course.


87% of the instructors agree that the content in Achieve is valuable.


82% of students rate the adaptive quizzes in Achieve as Excellent (39%) or Good (43%).


Overall, 89% agree that Achieve is better than or equal to their current platform.

For more information on how our Learning Science team conducts their research or to check out new findings click here to view more of our Learning Science Research.

Benefits & Features


Engage students both inside and outside of class

Pre-built assignments include a variety of activities to engage students both inside and outside of class.

Designed for students of all levels

Achieve was designed for students of all levels of motivation and preparedness, whether they are high achievers or need extra support.

Macmillan partners with you

The instructor and student experience is the heart of Achieve, from our initial development, to the ease of use, to the expert customer support.

Achieve Faculty Consultants

Looking for ideas on how you can use Achieve in your class? Visit our community to connect with our faculty consultants.

Talk to a Faculty Consultant

Hear from Users


We have had a large number of students and instructors try out Achieve so far. Here's what a few of those users had to say about it.

I found Achieve was readily accessible and was not complicated to pick up or to use anywhere, any time.”

Being able to go over something as many times as you would like till it is ironed into your brain is nice. I like being able to coincide assignments with exams to make sure I understand the content.”

As I continue to progress in my position, there are more responsibilities outside of the classroom that require more of my time. Having Achieve relieves some stress for this course as I know it takes less time for me to prepare things on my own.”

Ryan Elsenpeter

For some reason, these students worked together far more than is common. Like a lot more. They have long meetings in the library several times a week, and a significant portion of the class goes. It is, in one word, amazing.”

William Griffiths

The pre-lecture activities helped the students to participate more in the class.”

Harpreet Malhotra

Integration Options


Achieve can all be integrated with the tools of your choice.

iClicker Device Lineup


Experience the best in classroom engagement! iClicker has once again been voted as the winner of the Campus Technology Reader's Choice Award for best student response and classroom engagement system.

Learn more about iClicker

Students working on computers in a library

Inclusive Access

Inclusive Access is a program that ensures that every student has access to their course materials through their LMS on the first day of class.

Learn more about Inclusive Access

Students sitting in a lecture hall actively listening to the speaker

LMS Integration

Want to make your life easier? Keep all your course content and students’ grades in one place, with one sign-in.

Learn more about LMS Integration

Talk to your local representative about your integration options.

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