Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

To boldly lead in education- by driving innovation through inclusive design (Products), by creating a workforce reflective of our diverse communities of learners (People), and by cultivating a culture of belonging where all are valued (Culture).​​​​​​​

Our Products

We will take bold steps to assure that our products and services consider the backgrounds, needs and challenges of our communities of learners.  We will settle for nothing less than being innovative, curious and inventive, and collaborative in our approach to solving problems.

Our People

We will be intentional in our efforts to attract and retain top, diverse talent who bring unique perspectives, varied skills, and diversity of thought to our teams and the way we do our work.

Our Culture

With a commitment to teaching, discovery, and social responsibility, we will cultivate a culture where everyone is respected and valued for their experiences and their contributions; where we encourage our employees to speak up, maintain a growth mindset, and feel a strong sense of belonging.

Executive Messages

Susan Winslow


As we’ve watched how recent events are shaping our future - from the positive power for change of the Black Lives Matter movement to troubling questions of equity in education to COVID driving student populations that have too often been marginalized and under-represented out of higher education - it is increasingly clear that as an education company, and as citizens, we have a critical role to play.

As educators, we know that creating any change with a lasting impact requires a systemic and holistic approach. At Macmillan Learning, we are evaluating every aspect of who we are: our values, our processes, how we create and provide access to content, and how we communicate and engage with each other and our educational community. In our pursuit to serve the broadest range of learners, and to create a company that embraces diversity in all its forms, we have initiated a strong DEI framework across our products, our people, and our culture. Our industry cannot change overnight, but we believe we have a clear path to success.

We are a learning company, and for us this will be a journey of learning, of testing ourselves, and of growth. I am confident that with commitment and partnership, we can lead our industry as an example of how diversity, equity, and inclusion can be woven into the everyday fabric of the work culture and the products we create. I feel incredibly fortunate to be working in a space that has the ability to change lives in the way that education can.

Coltrane Stansbury

Vice President - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As our society rapidly moves towards greater awareness of systemic inequities, the public is more intent on holding our institutions accountable for the much-needed change ahead. I have personally witnessed how corporations and their leaders have made declarations to stand for equality, social justice, and for policies and action that promotes equity in the workplace in the community at-large.

At Macmillan Learning, we too have been on a journey towards greater purpose and possibilities; one that we have been intentional about as we seek to listen and learn from the many diverse perspectives within our company and the greater educational community. This journey is pushing us to a greater commitment to a diverse workforce reflective of the communities of learners we serve. On this journey, we are discovering deeper insights on how to make our content more accessible to our students, regardless of their abilities. This journey is informing us on ways to be more culturally competent on how we design our products and present our content to students. Every step we take on this journey is showing us, as a corporate community, that we must continue to focus on the psychological safety of our most vulnerable employees, students, and stakeholders as a way to build the real trust needed to drive lasting change in Education. We are building equity for all, by creating platforms for our employees to speak up, be heard, and bring their unique perspectives and contributions to the work ahead. There is much work still need to be done. However, we are intent on being compassionate, responsive, and collaborative in our approach to providing an engaging and empowering educational experience for all. We look forward to partnering with our many stakeholders to continue the work of making Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion relevant and useful to delivering the best solutions, products, and service to our customers.



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