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Tiffani Tang

Tiffani Tang


One of the things that really excites me is how active Macmillan Learning is when it comes to DEI—it’s never an afterthought. I can see that the company is actively and genuinely trying to involve everyone in the company, whether it’s through cultural committees, current event responses, book club choices, or communication about cultural history and pride.

Sterling Reese

Sterling Reese


There’s a real emphasis on education—from the guest speakers for BLACC voices to the book club choices to the upcoming Juneteenth events...it’s education that changes attitudes that influence behavior for the better. That’s something that can go beyond how we portray ourselves in our workspace and affect the wider world.

Tegan Cenni

Tegan Cenni


I’m excited to see that this brings more. More understanding. More shared experiences. More thought put into interactions. More representation across the board.

Natasha A. S. Wolfe

Natasha A. S. Wolfe


I’m a member of BLACC (Black Leaders Actively Changing Culture), the first ERG at Macmillan Learning, and I appreciate that it gives me the encouragement to speak up at work while feeling 100% supported.

Adam Whitehurst

Adam Whitehurst

Editorial Humanities

I’m excited to see DEI become a framework we apply to every aspect of what we do. Rather than an additional focus area, we are making it fundamental to our work because we recognize that aligning what we do with DEI principles is essential to improving educational outcomes for all students.

Donald Tran

Donald Tran

Customer Advocacy Lead

Diversity at Macmillan Learning means celebrating uniqueness and upholding the responsibility we have in making education an inclusive experience. I'm a member of the PAAN (Pan Asian Alliance Network) ERG whose mission is to connect, grow, and nurture the diverse voices of the Pan Asian Community.

Employee Resource Groups at Macmillan Learning

At Macmillan Learning we value the unique contributions of all our employees and understand the importance of identity, perspective, and community as we show up in our work everyday. We support the work of our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) who provide a framework and a platform for our employees to identify with the voices, issues, challenges, and experiences of the communities they represent. Our ERGs are engaged in providing educational content, celebrating affinity moments, engaging in community issues, and sponsoring career development opportunities for the communities they represent.

Blue house with a windmill


Awareness of Visible & Invisible Disabilities (AVID) provides a forum for Macmillan Learning employees to broaden their understanding of people with disabilities by sharing ideas and participating in the disability community. They work to advance awareness and inclusion for people with disabilities at Macmillan Learning through education initiatives, support of Macmillan’s mission of creating a diverse and inclusive community, and the establishment of a safe space for people with disabilities and their allies to share their stories and be heard. 

Flames in multiple shades of brown


Black Leaders Actively Changing Culture (BLACC) exists to meaningfully impact Macmillan Learning’s products, policies, practices, and programs by supporting and amplifying the perspectives of its Black employees. BLACC provides Macmillan Learning employees with safe spaces to communicate about issues and challenges in the workplace, as well as issues facing the black community.

Lotus flower colored in pink, purple, and red


The Pan Asian Alliance Network (PAAN) strives to connect, grow, and nurture the diverse voices of the Pan Asian Community through professional development programs and a commitment to sharing employee perspectives that will positively impact Macmillan Learning’s people, product, and practices.

Progress Pride Flag, with 2021 update to include the intersex community


Proud@ML promotes the professional growth, development, and sense of belonging for  LGBTQIA+ employees at Macmillan Learning through outreach that improves LGBTQIA+ representation in our products and the development of a social community focused on mentorship and allyship with other affinity communities within Macmillan Learning.

Yellow sun icon inside a purple circle


Viva@ML are a community of colleagues, Hispanic/Latino(a/x) and allies alike, working together to foster a sense of belonging and explore the cultural diversity of Macmillan Learning through outreach and education. They help to foster a sense of community and facilitate a safe space for dialogue on issues and challenges in the workplace, as well as issues facing the Hispanic/ Latino(a/x) community.



Women@ML supports and advocates for the personal and professional growth and development of people at Macmillan Learning who identify as women through discussion groups, networking and educational events, career training, and volunteer opportunities.

They provide opportunities and safe inclusive spaces for women at Macmillan Learning to find their voice; prepare women to be positive role models and to lead at ML, regardless of their position; and offer educational and volunteer opportunities for all women and their allies to help women determine and reach their personal and professional goals.

People icons in a circle around a heart in the center


Village@ML is dedicated to providing a community of support and advocacy for employees who take on the responsibilities of caring for another person. They are committed to creating a space where caregivers can take a moment to prioritize their own well being while also providing support and ideas to help provide the best possible care for dependents. They  honor, recognize, and celebrate the diverse identities and experiences of caregivers, and create a safe and inclusive space for all individuals to share their perspectives and ideas.



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