Macmillan Learning

Improving lives through learning

Macmillan Learning is changing students' lives through learning, which is a great and inspiring responsibility. By linking research to learning practice, we develop engaging content and pioneering products for students that are empathetic, highly effective, and help students learn better.


The Principles That Guide Us


We are in the business of helping students learn.


We build high-quality content, tools, and training based on the best of learning science.


We offer our customers choice with learning solutions that are impactful, intuitive, pedagogically rich, and integrated with campus systems.


We believe in the power of partnership, with authors, educators, administrators, innovators, students, and staff.


We take a holistic approach to our understanding and support of learners and learning.


We are flexible, data-driven, and always improving.


We believe deeply in our mission and live our values.


Our Company History


With a history of publishing groundbreaking educational content that spans over 70 years, Macmillan Learning is dedicated to combining world-class content and evolving technology to drive student success. Macmillan collaborates with some of the world’s most accomplished researchers, teachers, developers, and administrators to solve pedagogical challenges. Macmillan Learning's deeply knowledgeable and committed specialists live and breathe each course and discipline, determined to clear any learning obstacles. Take a scroll through our history.


W.H. Freeman and Company

In 1946, William Freeman founded W. H. Freeman and Company and published Linus Pauling's General Chemistry, which revolutionized the chemistry curriculum and established the prototype for a Freeman text. W.H. Freeman quickly became a publishing house where leading researchers can make significant contributions to mathematics and science.


Worth Publishers

In 1966, Robert Worth and his colleagues created Worth Publishers, a company dedicated to publishing a highly selective list of college textbooks, each individually developed to meet the needs of students and teachers in the Social Sciences. Worth is currently proud to be the home of the world's leading introductory psychology series by David Myers and 2008 Nobel laureate Paul Krugman's introductory economics texts, among other stellar texts.


Bedford / St.Martin's

In 1981, Charles Christensen and Joan Feinberg founded an imprint of St. Martin's Press called Bedford Books and started work on The Bedford Reader. Today, Bedford/St. Martin's is publishing across the disciplines of English, History, Communication, Music, and College Success. Books like A Writer's Reference, The Bedford Series in History and Culture, and A Speaker's Guidebook work because they grow from where disciplines are, where they're going, and what they need.


BFW High School

At Bedford, Freeman and Worth, we've built our reputation on producing the highest quality materials for AP courses and a variety of electives, and now we're proud to offer resources for a range of high school courses. With BFW you'll find what you need for class today: classroom tools that work; extensive support for teachers; media that adds value to your classes; and the support you need, when you need it. Our groundbreaking books and media are based on changes in education, in student populations, and in accepted best practices for the classroom. Books like The Language of Composition, Myers' Psychology for AP*, and The Practice of Statistics work—because they grow from what teachers want and what students need.



Invented by physicists at the University of Illinois and acquired by Macmillan Learning in 2005, iClicker is an easy-to-use, flexible student response and engagement syml specifically designed to facilitate formative assessment and active learning in the classroom. With iClicker, instructors are able to easily involve students during class time via a syml that emphasizes teaching over the technology.



Since 1992, we have set — and redefined — the standard for excellence in custom publishing across the U.S. and Canada. We are passionate about our customers and unwavering in our dedication to producing exceptional, affordable, high-quality educational materials.


Sapling Learning

Created and supported by educators, Sapling Learning's instructional online homework drives student success and saves educators time. Sapling Learning provides interactive learning experiences for science, engineering, and economics disciplines that are proven to significantly improve student comprehension, retention, and problem-solving skills.



Using what Macmillan has learned over the years with our market-leading digital products like Sapling and LaunchPad, combined with the latest in learning research, we worked with students and instructors for several years to co-design a new educational tool. The result is Achieve--Macmillan Learning’s intuitive and flexible modular platform that helps instructors deploy and manage all their pre-class, in-class, and post-class curriculum in one place, while gathering insights in a simple and powerful interface.