Inspiring what’s possible for every learner.

Every great company has a culture that makes it unique; a compelling sense of purpose that drives people to show up to work each day. For Macmillan Learning, that purpose is to inspire what’s possible for every learner. We are energized by that mission and by our role as a positive force in education. We know that what we do makes a difference and we work everyday to unlock the potential of every learner, actively participating in each one’s educational life with our course materials and digital tools. As a privately-held, family-owned company, we provide our employees with the freedom to focus on what’s most important: the students.


We envision a world in which every learner succeeds. Through our content, tools, and services we aim to make that a reality.

We believe education opens doors for learners and we aspire to see a world in which each and every one of them succeeds. That belief drives our efforts to create powerful, engaging learning opportunities. Everything we do is in service of our common goal with educators— to help each student succeed.

Students have a remarkably diverse range of motivations, goals, and lives in and out of the classroom. That’s why we create adaptive solutions designed for students of all abilities, backgrounds, and demographics—and why we strive to discover new ways to meet students where and how they learn best. We are committed to investing in outstanding authorship and partnering with educators, scholars, authors, and technologists to help advance learning in the classroom for all students. We recognize that the challenges we’re looking to solve are bigger than just content and courseware, but we believe our materials can and will make a difference.


It is essential that our character as an organization, our work ethic, and the intrinsic qualities that distinguish us are reflected in our company values.

We believe our culture of authenticity, inclusiveness, collaboration, and innovation make a difference in the work we do every day.

True to ourselves.
True to our customers.

We believe in doing good. Everything we do is in service of our common goal with educators–to help students succeed. We recognize that the integrity of the content we create is essential to our mission. We believe the primary measurement of our success is the number of students we reach, not the number of dollars we earn.

Inclusion is a choice we make every day.

We see diversity through many different lenses and believe students should be able to recognize themselves in our materials. Because there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to learning—and students have different motivations, goals, and lives in and out of the classroom—our adaptive solutions enable a student’s sense of belonging no matter their abilities, background, or demographic. With a commitment to teaching, discovery, and social responsibility, we are building a culture where everyone is respected and valued for their experiences and contributions.

Learning is a journey we are on together.

We work collaboratively with each other, with our authors, and with our partners. By closely engaging with educators and administrators, we develop a clearer understanding of the challenges they and their students face. Working hand-in-hand toward our common goals, our team is steadfastly committed to our customers and act together every day to help them thrive. Our community of authors use their wealth of teaching and research experiences to provide clear, practical content to ensure students’ success and partner with us to offer an array of diverse perspectives.

Shaping tomorrow with today’s ideas.

The status quo doesn’t work for us. Every day, we look for and research new ways to innovate and improve what we do so that we can build more effective solutions. We recognize how much our services, technologies, and ideas can inspire students’ curiosity. Providing rich, interactive, engaging learning experiences for students and powerful insights to instructors is our North Star. From product development to efficacy studies of our products, we continue to invest in our solutions to inspire.