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Macmillan Learning Lab Solutions help you bring scientific concepts to life for your students through practical application. Choose from off-the-shelf, ready-to-use lab solutions or customize your own lab to fit your student and curricular needs.

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How will you create lab resources?

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Prebuilt Labs

Achieve Labs and Lab Simulations provide instructors and students with the high-quality lab material they need to have engaging, hands-on lab experiences.

Prebuilt Lab Solutions
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Custom Labs

Enhance student understanding with lab resources tailored to fit your unique curriculum needs. Customize your lab course from scratch with help from our experts, or start with our existing lab materials and modify as much or as little as you want.

Custom Lab Solutions

Digital and Print Solutions for Your Lab

Whether you are looking for prelab, hands-on lab, lab simulations, or post-lab assessments, Macmillan Learning’s Lab Solutions provide digital and print lab solutions to help you teach your lab course, your way. Click each feature below to learn more.

Assignments and Assessments

More easily assess students whether prelab, in-lab, or post-lab. Reporting and analytics from assessments will help you identify student strengths and gaps in understanding.

Prelab Assignments

Prelab assignments ensure students have read their background information and procedures prior to entering the lab.

Post-Lab Assessments

Achieve’s assessment feature for lab courses provides a robust question bank mapped to students’ lab activities. Instructors can accommodate individual learning needs and promote academic integrity with customization options like extended testing time, number of retake attempts, and question randomization. As they go, students receive personalized feedback that deepens their understanding.

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Data-driven Smart Worksheets

Students can use Smart Worksheets to gather data from their lab assignment, complete multistage calculations, and perform meaningful data analysis. Smart Worksheets support students by providing specific, targeted feedback, using adaptive hints, real-time checks, and interactive graphing. Smart Worksheets’ autograding feature eliminates the need for instructors and TAs to manually grade reports, saving them time and providing students with consistent, timely grades.

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Goal-Setting and Reflection

The Goal-Setting and Reflection Surveys are a series of quick, pre-built surveys designed to get students to set goals for themselves and reflect on what they’re learning. For each survey that you assign, you will gain insight into the strategies students are using, how they think the course is going, and how you can target interventions and support based on your class’s needs.

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Interactive eBooks and e-manuals

Give students access to lab resources wherever they are. With interactive eBooks, students can highlight, take notes, and download their eBook and e-manual for offline access. Our e-manuals also allow you to embed your own media or create custom media to include. Visit our Custom Lab Solutions page to learn more about creating your custom media.

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Lab Simulations

Lab simulations are excellent options for lab preparation, make-up lab assignments, remote lab options, individualized education plans, or to practice procedures too dangerous for a live lab. Lab Solutions puts over 100 lab simulations at your fingertips.

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Student Engagement with iClicker

Use diverse question types (including target, short answer, and numeric) to engage students and easily check understanding of key concepts before, during, and after lab.

iClicker can also gather feedback from students, assess student understanding levels, and generate study materials based on questions asked in class.

The iClicker student engagement system is included at no added expense for most Achieve courses. Contact us if you have questions about iClicker for your Achieve course.

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Lab Manuals

The foundation for every lab course is the lab manual. To learn more about print lab manuals or to see our collection of ready-to-use lab manuals, please contact us.

Lab Manual

Lab Notebook

Our lab notebooks are available in print for your General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and General Science lab courses in 50 or 100 carbonless sets. Each notebook contains notebook directions, discipline-specific reference materials, and a customizable table of contents.

Our print lab notebooks offer the highest quality and durability, with full lamination on the front and back cover to protect against lab spills. Our coil spiral binding allows notebooks to lay flat and contains our unique carbonless pages.

Lab Notebook

Choose prebuilt or custom lab solutions that meet specific subject matter needs.

Select any of these subject areas to see course-specific lab solutions.

Lab Solutions That Engage Majors and Non-Majors

Whether you are adopting a pre-built lab solution or electing to use customization services (formerly Hayden-McNeil Lab Solutions), Macmillan Learning Lab Solutions engage all lab students to better understand scientific concepts.

I really like these lab simulations. I like the flexibility of being able to add or remove questions. These questions seem very relevant to the topic and will help the students understand what they are doing in the lab simulation. The lab exercise is well designed to even small details. Instant feedback is also a great tool, for an instructor with hundreds of students giving individual feedback is one of the hardest things.”

-Lily Arias, University of Illinois

Everything you need to know about Lab Solutions

Our guide to selecting a lab solution is intended to equip science educators with information and resources to understand, evaluate, and choose a lab solution best suited to their course needs. Download our full guide to learn more about our solutions. If you're ready to get started, schedule a quick call with a lab specialist below!

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