Convenient, Ready-to-use, and Interactive Lab Solutions

Teaching lab courses takes a lot of work, and that’s why Macmillan Learning’s Prebuilt Lab Solutions offer everything you need for your lab course – and it couldn’t be easier to get started! Choose from our robust collection of interactive lab content and solutions, hundreds of ready-to-use lab manuals, assessments, and more.

Our ready-made Lab Solutions are available in both print and digital format, along with our Achieve courseware, which offers a comprehensive set of teaching and assessment tools in one easy-to-use platform. Our prebuilt Lab Solutions offer convenience without compromising on integrity.

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Lab Solutions that meet you where you are.

In Person

Macmillan Learning Lab Solutions provides instructors and students with all the high-quality lab material needed to have engaging, hands-on lab experiences.


Teaching a hybrid course? No worries; our Lab Solutions are equipped to support students in class and remotely. Students can access virtual labs through our lab simulations, complete assessments outside of class, conduct in-person lab experiments, and more.


Our Lab Solutions support fully remote lab courses with all the benefits of in-person labs. Our digital solutions, such as lab simulations, interactives, virtual resources, and Achieve Labs, make it possible for students to conduct realistic experiments and assignments from the comfort of their homes.

Ready-to-use Lab Topics

Our ready-made lab solutions make it easy for you to get a jump start in your lab course. You can use our prebuilt Lab Solutions as they come, or use them as a starting base and modify them as your needs change. You always have the option to pick and choose the content you need for your course.

Student Lab Notebooks

Coming soon!
Achieve Labs

Use Achieve with your own custom lab manual

Lab Simulations

Student Lab Notebooks

Achieve Labs

Lab Simulations

Lab Simulations

Student Lab Notebooks

Achieve Labs

Lab Simulations

Student Lab Notebooks


Lab Experiments

Student Lab Notebooks

Ready-to-use Lab Features

Assignments and Assessments

Prelab Assignments

Prepare students for class with prelab assignments to familiarize them with lab concepts, instructions, and expectations. Assigning prework simulations and videos can cut down on prep time and allow students to fully focus on the labs in class.

Post-Lab Assessments

Take advantage of our assessments to administer quizzes and tests and help students practice course concepts. Throughout your course, reporting and analytics from your assessments will help you identify student strengths as well as gaps in learning.

Example of a Pre-Lab Question Screenshot

Example of a pre-lab question.

Data-driven Smart Worksheets

Our Smart Worksheets guide students through data entry for their labs with adaptive hints, real-time checks, and interactive graphing. These auto graded assignments help students improve their data analysis skills, and they save you time manually reviewing lab reports so students get timely and consistent grading, leading to higher success rates.

Smart Worksheet Screenshot

Interactive E-manuals

The foundation for every lab course is the lab manual. Save time and resources with our ready-made lab manuals – available in digital, print, or both. Choose from hundreds of pre-written labs that pair perfectly with our other lab resources!

Digital lab manuals have notetaking and highlighting capabilities so students can annotate, as needed. Students can also download their lab manual for offline reading.

Lab Manual

Lab Simulations

Over 100 lab simulations are available to support students who are remote or miss labs. Lab simulations give students access to an engaging, interactive virtual lab regardless of location and can offer prework simulations to prepare students for in-person labs.

Lab Simulations Screenshot

Student Engagement with iClicker

For most Achieve courses, the iClicker student engagement system is included at no added expense, enabling mobile and laptop interactive quizzing and polling capabilities for in-person or remote classes, along with automatically generated study tools.

iClicker screenshot

Student Lab Notebook

Our lab notebooks are available in print for your General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and General Science lab courses in 50 or 100 carbonless sets. Each notebook contains notebook directions, discipline-specific reference materials, and a customizable table of contents.

Our print lab notebooks offer the highest quality and durability, with full lamination on the front and back cover to protect against lab spills. Our coil spiral binding allows notebooks to lay flat and contains our unique carbonless pages.

Lab solutions that offer convenience to instructors without compromising on quality.

Whether you are adopting a prebuilt lab solution or electing to use customization services (formerly Hayden-McNeil Lab Solutions), Macmillan Learning Lab Solutions engage all lab students to better understand scientific concepts.

The [lab manual] is beautiful, looks professional, meets our teaching goal for the lab classes, and provides students with a good learning experience.”

-Meishan Zhao, University of Chicago

Find the Best Pre-Built Lab Solutions for your Course

Our guide to finding the best Pre-Built Lab Solutions is intended to equip science educators with information and resources to find the best, tailored resources for their course needs. If you're ready to get started, schedule a quick call with a lab specialist below!

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