Create Custom Lab Content to Fit Your Class Needs

A one-size-fits-all approach does not work for everyone – especially in labs. That’s why Macmillan Learning Lab Solutions (formerly Hayden-McNeil Lab Solutions) offers a full range of interactive lab solutions – available in both digital and print formats – with the ability to easily customize as much or as little as you want.


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Getting Started with Custom Labs

Create and publish your own original content in a professionally typeset manual, and supplement with Macmillan’s robust collection of lab images, videos, interactives, and more. Publish your custom lab course on the Achieve platform, or to your learning management system, for a streamlined experience, or opt for a print format. Macmillan experts are here to help you create the perfect custom lab course to meet the needs of your students, lab environment, and pedagogical goals.


Connect with a Specialist

Consult with a Custom Specialist to discuss your challenges, goals, content, timeline, and other needs. They’ll be able to provide recommendations, walk through features, and initiate the customization process.


Create and Develop Your Lab

Begin customizing or tailoring our existing Lab Solutions to fit the needs of your course. Our experts will assist every step of the way and ensure the final product aligns with your vision. If you prefer to do things yourself, we have self-service solutions, like our build-it-yourself lab manual option, that allow you to independently create your resources.


Begin Using Your Custom Lab

Once you’re happy with your custom solution, you can integrate it with Achieve or your LMS, or you can have it printed.

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Digital and Print Solutions for Your Lab

Achieve Editable eBooks

With Achieve Editable eBooks, you can author your own content and edit it whenever you need to – even after publishing it to Achieve. Achieve editable ebooks offer the added benefit of making your course accessible, engaging, and impactful using Achieve’s interactive elements and assessments.Our eBooks are available to print so students can bring the necessary materials to the lab period.

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Assignments and Assessments

Prelab Assignments

Prepare students for class with prelab Assignments to familiarize them with course concepts and lab procedures. Assigning prework, like simulations and safety videos, can alleviate confusion and lead to a more productive class.

Post-Lab Assessments

Use our test banks to administer post-lab quizzes and tests to check students’ understanding levels and drive knowledge retention. Throughout your course, reporting and analytics from your assessments will help you identify student strengths as well as gaps in learning.

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Data-driven Smart Worksheets

Our student-entered data worksheets guide students through data entry for their labs with adaptive hints, real-time checks, and interactive graphing. These auto-graded assignments save instructors time manually reviewing lab reports, help students improve their data analysis skills, and deliver timely and consistent grading to students, leading to higher success rates.

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Interactive e-Lab Manual

Save time and resources by choosing from hundreds of prewritten lab manuals and editing them to fit your class needs – available in digital, print, or both. You can add your own custom content, modify existing content, or consult with a specialist to create new interactives or resources.

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Lab Simulations

Lab simulations give students access to an engaging, interactive virtual lab and are fully support students who are remote or miss labs. Instructors can execute out-of-the-box experiments that they might not have the opportunity to conduct in class due to safety, lack of resources, or other reasons. Choose from over a hundred lab simulations to supplement your labs.

A screenshot of an assignment of the Lab Solution at Achieve titled Quantitative Analysis of Enzyme Activity: Experiment 1 Procedure: Creating a calibration curve for starch-iodine measurement shows an illustration of a virtual chemistry laboratory.

Student Engagement with iClicker

For most *Achieve courses, the iClicker student engagement system is included at no added expense, enabling mobile and laptop interactive quizzing and polling capabilities for in-person or remote classes, along with automatically generated study tools. iClicker can also gather feedback from students, assess student understanding levels, and generate study materials based on questions asked in class.

*Achieve is Macmillan Learning’s digital courseware.

A screenshot shows Question 4 at the Lab Solution at Achieve titled Target. The poll results of the question show 5 responses. The question reads

Build Your Own Lab Manual

Macmillan Learning's Build Your Own Lab Manual option (formerly known as LabPartner) is perfect for instructors wanting full oversight and authority over their manual's customization process and the ability to print on demand. Our customization process equips you with everything you need from start to finish.

You begin by reviewing and selecting content from Macmillan Learning's extensive database of lab experiments. Next, you'll have a chance to upload your own original materials and organize the contents into the order that you prefer. Finally, design your cover and title, and submit your work to be printed — it's that easy! This option is suitable for small-enrollment courses in biology, chemistry, and geosciences disciplines, and you can explore our database of experiments below.

Customize and Create Your Lab Manual with Expert Help

For busy instructors wanting expert support to create their own unique lab manuals, Macmillan Learning Lab Solutions offer a wide collection of pre-written lab manuals to serve as a starting base, and a team of editors, illustrators, and experts to bring your vision to life. Our team can help you create original content, select and tailor materials suited to your class needs, and more. Please contact us to get started on creating your perfect lab manual!

Student Lab Notebook

Our lab notebooks are available in print for your General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and General Science lab courses in 50 or 100 carbonless sets. Each notebook contains notebook directions, discipline-specific reference materials, and a customizable table of contents.

Our print lab notebooks offer the highest quality and durability, with full lamination on the front and back cover to protect against lab spills. Our coil spiral binding allows notebooks to lay flat and contains our unique carbonless pages.

Disciplines That We Cover

Augment your lab course with our robust collection of interactive and stimulating lab content, or customize to your liking. Each discipline has its own unique set of lab solutions and resources that are designed to provide you and your students with engaging, hands-on lab solutions.

The best part is, you don’t have to do it alone! Our Custom Specialists will walk you through the customization process, provide recommendations based on your needs, and help you create your own custom lab content and resources.

Not seeing your discipline? Contact us below to discuss building custom tools for your course.

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Lab Solutions That Engage Majors and Non-Majors

Whether you are adopting a prebuilt lab solution or electing to use customization services (formerly Hayden-McNeil Lab Solutions), Macmillan Learning Lab Solutions engage all lab students to better understand scientific concepts.

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“The process is so easy that I tell competitors that it would be more work to leave.”

-Jennifer Steuckle, West Virginia University

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Creating the Perfect Custom Lab Solution

Our guide to creating your perfect custom lab resources is intended to equip science educators with information to understand, evaluate, and navigate creating custom lab materials to suit their course needs. If you're ready to get started, schedule a quick call with a lab specialist below!

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