The Latest Enhancements in Achieve

Discover the newest updates in Achieve. Designed to maximize value, augment support, and streamline processes, these enhancements bring a new level of efficiency to the platform. Achieve continues to evolve to meet the diverse needs of the educational community, with an unwavering commitment to accessibility and regular enhancements for inclusive learning environments.

New for Spring 2024

Notifications of New Resources

A new notification feature that shines a spotlight on recently added resources in the Content Library. Educators can easily identify, review, and incorporate new material into their courses, keeping course materials relevant and up-to-date.

Content Library Screenshot

New Features in Achieve Essentials

Three of the most popular features from the premium version of Achieve are available now in Achieve Essentials courses – at no extra cost. Help students learn metacognitive skills with Goal-setting and Reflection Surveys. Engage students in class with iClicker. Gain actionable data on students’ performance with Reports and Insights.

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Google Classroom Integration

(High School)

For K12 Achieve users, the seamless integration with Google Classroom creates a conduit for deep connectivity. Asset level linking, assignment creation, automatic and manual grade synchronization, class rostering, and direct access to Achieve, are all made effortlessly accessible through the user-friendly interface of Google Classroom.

Google Classroom Screenshot

Millie: In-Product Chatbot

Millie is seamlessly integrated into your workflow, providing self-service and live agent support within Achieve. Access help without leaving your tasks through Achieve's chat icon or the "Chat With Us" option in the Help Center. From onboarding to maximizing product usage, Millie is your dedicated support.

Millie Chatbot Screenshot

Individual Student Gradebook View

Gain a comprehensive overview of each student's performance with the new Individual Student Gradebook View. It provides a snapshot of a student's progress across all assignments, scores, due dates, and completion dates, proving invaluable for office hours, post-class discussions, or determining the need for additional support.

Individual Student Gradebook View

Academic Integrity: Limiting Copy/Paste

To protect academic integrity, assessment question text is now safeguarded against easy copying and pasting into other systems. This measure acts as a deterrent against cheating.

Video Assessment Grading Flexibility

Achieve’s unique video and assessment pairing just got better. Now, you can have questions alongside the video at specific timestamps and set late allowances, including the option for students to complete work after the due date. This enhancement better caters to instructor needs while preserving the activity’s low-stakes nature. Available in selected Achieve courses that utilize video assessment activities.

Video Assessment Screenshot

Sync Assignments in Bulk


Providing access to assignments in the Learning Management System (LMS) has never been easier. Now, Canvas offers the ability to sync multiple items simultaneously, allowing you to save valuable time and effort.

Note: This is for Canvas 1.0, not LTI Advantage (1.3).

Canvas Screenshot

iClicker Text Recognition [Pilot]

In a pilot phase and available upon request, iClicker can now automatically present text within question images during live polling and post-class study sessions. This key development ensures a more equitable learning experience, particularly benefiting students using screen reader assistive technology.

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