Creating Closer Connections

As you adapt to changes in learning, Achieve does too. Achieve is evolving to help strengthen how you engage students and create closer connections.

Join us in our upcoming live webinars to learn about what’s new and see how Achieve and iClicker can work in your classroom - or explore on your own below.

New for Spring 2023

New features for Spring make Achieve even easier to use and help spark more meaningful learning experiences.

Enhanced Grading and Gradebook Navigation

Allow Late Submissions

WHAT IT IS: Gives instructors the option to allow late assignments and set the grade impact. Applies to the many assignment options in Achieve: Learning Curve, Read & Practice, Links, Files, Interactives, readings, in class activity guides, Smart Worksheets, ESHA (a 3rd party nutrition tracking tool used for Analyze my Diet Activities).

WHY IT MATTERS: Enhances connections to individual student needs and offers instructors greater flexibility to have assigned practice (e.g. Learning Curve) and late submissions count towards completion grades.

Grade All Drafts

WHAT IT IS: Continues to enhance grading capabilities by adding the ability to grade drafts including peer reviews. For students, allows them to see due dates for drafts and gradebook entries in the LMS for all writing assignments, including drafts and peer review.

WHY IT MATTERS: Helps students manage due dates and gain greater visibility into gradebook entries and gives instructors the flexibility to grade interim - not just final - drafts. Especially helpful in courses that use writing assignments.

Added Aides to Student Self-Efficacy

Time-on-Task Insights Cards

WHAT IT IS: Introduced in Fall 2022, Time-on-Task Insights Cards provide instructors with insights that can be shared with students to assist in properly planning their homework and study time, helping them develop sell-efficacy skills.

WHY IT MATTERS: Helps students plan and manage their time for assignments. Helps instructors identify area for intervention and detect cheating; research demonstrates a direct connection between time pressure and increased likelihood to cheat.

Streamlined Assessment Selection

Added Aids to Finding Assessment Questions By Type

WHAT IT IS: Adds a new search and filter option in the assessment question bank to identify which questions contain variable content.

WHY IT MATTERS: Makes it easier for instructors to find the questions that will provide additional randomization within their assessments, which assists in cheating prevention.

LMS Integration Enhancements

Easier Assignment Synch with Canvas

WHAT IT IS: Gives instructors the ability to deploy an assignment directly from Achieve to their Canvas course. Instructors can organize assignments into Canvas modules directly from Achieve, change Achieve resources and have them refresh automatically in Canvas. Changes made in Achieve will automatically reflect in Canvas.

WHY IT MATTERS: Makes it easier to push assignments to Canvas from Achieve by reducing steps instructors need to take and removes the need for a content refresh.

For more information including how to link your course in Canvas, please see the updated Instructor guide.

Category and Course Total Grade Synch with Blackboard

WHAT IT IS: Offers options for instructors using Blackboard LTI Advantage for how they want grades to sync; introduces ability to automatically sync individual, category and course totals.

WHY IT MATTERS: Creates options for how instructors can view Achieve grades in the LMS gradebook.

Concurrent (Multi-course) Access for Corequisite Composition

Concurrent (Multi-course) Access for Corequisite Composition

WHAT IT IS: For Composition and Developmental English courses allows students to sign into their composition course and their corequisite support course using the same code and with no additional fees for the support course.

WHY IT MATTERS: Instructors typically assign the same product for both courses; the single access and cost are attractive to students and help keep them on track for success.

Video Assignment Support

GoReact Video Assignments

WHAT IT IS: Supports the assessment of speech presentations in Public Speaking and Human Communication courses via technology integration with GoReact. Enables time-coded feedback that aligns with specific points in the video. Supports commenting, recording, peer and self-review, and rubric functionalities.

WHY IT MATTERS: Helps students and instructors by giving them a way to easily record and submit videos and to provide and receive feedback and coaching for better presentations and improved public speaking skills.

Enhanced Lab Learning

Lab Simulations 2.0

WHAT IT IS: Adds even greater support for accessibility by adding features such as colorblind mode and keyboard navigation. Simulations available for Biology and Chemistry labs take learning beyond the classroom and help prepare students for in-lab experiments and to provide a lab experience for remote students. Simulations are also often used when students miss labs or to cover labs that can't be conducted due to time, safety, lab, or budget constraints.

WHY IT MATTERS: Enhanced simulations provide improved lab access to all students, regardless of location or ability. All-in-one lab environment prevents the need to leave the lab simulation or use paper.

Smart Worksheets

WHAT IT IS: Helps students learn, check, and progress in data entry associated with their labs by providing specific, targeted feedback in an auto-graded assignment. Includes features such as graphing, balancing equations, complex calculations and timeline mode.

WHY IT MATTERS: Improves student data analysis skills by allowing them to work through the Smart Worksheet with their own lab data while receiving guided feedback and hints along the way. Helps students learn through the guided experience and avoid frustrations of missed calculations which can compound during an experiment. Saves instructors time grading and provides grading consistency.

Tools for Custom Achieve Publishing

Achieve Editable Ebooks for Custom

WHAT IT IS: Introduces a new way to create and edit Custom Achieve e-books using VitalSource Studio bringing together an author's custom content with video, images, and assessment created by Macmillan. Facilitates creation and self-editing for the author and allows ongoing edits to be made and published to Achieve quickly.

WHY IT MATTERS: Gives authors greater ability to update their own content as needed - before and after publishing the course in Achieve. Provides the flexibility of custom digital publishing with the added benefit of interactive elements like videos and assessments. By publishing to Achieve get added benefits of accessibility, Insights, and Reports, LMS integration, and more.

Expanded Peer-to-Peer Learning

iClicker Groups

WHAT IT IS: Makes the proven value of group learning a new cornerstone of iClicker’s unique value by offering tools to manage and enhance group dynamics and learning. Guides students in the group to reach consensus through voting before submitting answers.

WHY IT MATTERS: There is abundant evidence that group-based activities have a proven impact on learning and student well-being. However, it can be difficult to manage for instructors and issues persist in assuring equitable and full group participation. With features built-in to help groups vote and reach consensus, this new feature helps manage group exercises in class.

Coming Soon.

Creating Closer Connections

Join us in our upcoming live webinars to learn about what’s new and see how Achieve and iClicker can work in your classroom.

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