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An affordable solution that provides the flexibility to use your preferred text along with:

  • ✓ An intuitive design that adapts to you
  • ✓ A toolkit to ignite active learning
  • ✓ Actionable insights to guide
  • ✓ Resources to build students' metacognitive skills

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Achieve Essentials for Individual Disciplines

Explore our treasure trove of affordable resources including pre-built content, assessment tools, and iClicker, our leading student response system. Explore all the resources available for your discipline.


Benefits & Features


Engage, assess, and guide learning through polling, quizzing, and more. Learn more about how iClicker fosters an engaging and active learning environment here.

Goal-setting and Reflection Surveys

Boost students' metacognitive abilities by promoting goal setting and regular reflection throughout the semester. This cultivates awareness of their learning and performance.

Reports and Insights

Access comprehensive data and insights for individuals and the whole class via a user-friendly dashboard. Gain valuable and actionable information on student performance and progress.

Flexibility of Use

Use the text that suits your needs, whether it's Macmillan Learning titles or your own content, and use it alongside Achieve Essentials’s full suite of features.

Quality Content & User-Friendly

Leverage resources and assessments, designed to enhance student learning and drive success. Each discipline offers a diverse array of resources tailored to meet the specific needs of the subject.

LMS Integration

Integrate with your LMS to share assignments and grades and make it easy for your students to access Achieve.


A range of prices to fit your needs and options to assure your students have access on Day 1.


Get guided in-product help, consult the extensive knowledge base for answers, or contact the live support team. We’re here to help!

Proven Student Success

85% of students who used Achieve Essentials were satisfied

Factors contributing to high ratings on ease of use include:

  • Viewing scores on assignments
  • Registering for the course
  • Purchase access
  • Locating assignments
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It received high marks on questions related to DEI:


84% of students agree that they see themselves and/or their life experiences reflected in the content.


93% of students agree that the art, photos, and videos reflect and represent people from diverse backgrounds and experiences.


91% of students agree that the content in Achieve Essentials represents diverse backgrounds and experiences in an inclusive way.

Hear from Users

Here’s what instructors and students are saying about Achieve Essentials.

Achieve Essentials is really good at being able to provide you with a hint of why you got something wrong if you have multiple attempts. I feel the program overall is well designedand geared more towards student success.”

Chemistry student, 2023

Even when you answer a question incorrectly, Achieve tells you WHY it was wrong. It was really helpful for my learning of Biochemistry.”

Biochemistry student, 2023

Achieve’s problems are very useful. The software knows what I did wrong, it’s very reliable and is good at guiding my thinking.”

Physics student, 2023

I really like that I can monitor students in my class to see if they are actively working on in-class assignments I give on Achieve. I give participation points based on their effort in this area. They also have graded homework and quizzes on Achieve. I like that they have the option to use multiple attempts on a question so that there is no excuse of ‘I clicked on the wrong answer by accident.’”

Instructor using Achieve Essentials for OpenStax General Chemistry (1-Term Online)

It is a great complement to the material covered in class. [Achieve] allows the students to push themselves to get a better understanding of the material. It also requires students to extend the knowledge they gathered from reading the book. It challenges them to apply the material.”

Instructor using Achieve Essentials for Macroeconomics (1-Term Online)

I like the quantity and versatility of the options I have to include in assignments.”

Instructor using Achieve Essentials for General Chemistry (1-Term Online)

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