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Worth Custom Publishing Offers You More Flexibility and Greater Value

Because the same people who take great care in the creation of all our products will be working with you, you can be sure that the solution you get is the solution you need. Below are descriptions and links to just some of the Custom Solutions that are available for our psychology, economics, and sociology textbooks and media. Your local sales rep is also available to assist you with exploring custom opportunities for your course.

Enhance Your Text Using ForeWords

Enhance Your Text Using ForeWords

ForeWords offers an assortment of articles and carefully developed content designed to enhance any traditional Worth title. By adding these materials to the front of your textbook, you can tailor the course to your syllabus, provide study skills support, or supply students with supplemental resources that will deepen their understanding of the discipline. Visit our  ForeWords for Psychology or  ForeWords for Economics pages to preview currently available options, and speak to your local sales rep to see articles in their entirety.

e-book and portal

Self-Customizable Portals and e-Books

Our  eBooks and  Portals are designed to support dynamically the process of teaching and learning. We invite you to tailor these digital tools to reflect your teaching goals. Naturally customizable, their chapters or modules can be reorganized or removed, you can add unique content, share commentary with your students, or insert links to outside resources. Each Portal/Class provides a seamless integration of student resources, assessment tools, tutorials, and lecture resources.

Personalize Your Course

Let Us Help You Personalize Your Course

Custom publishing allows you to customize almost any Worth Publishers title to meet your teaching goals and your students’ learning needs. Would you like to add your course materials to one of our books? Pick your favorite parts of our books and put them together? Print your own workbook or lecture guide? Explore our Custom Solutions – we can help you shape our learning tools to fit your teaching need. Click here to  Request a Quote and  Contact Your Rep.