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Achieve for OpenStax Anatomy and Physiology

Achieve for OpenStax Anatomy and Physiology is an affordable, streamlined course solution with a full OpenStax e-book, assessments, interactives, and valuable insights into student performance using the most recent HAPS Learning Outcomes. Achieve can be used on its own or integrated into your campus LMS for a seamless experience.

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The resources in Achieve are designed to provide opportunities for students to deepen their Anatomy and Physiology knowledge, while instructors gain insight into class performance and comprehension. Achieve is fully accessible and can be integrated with your campus LMS—including Blackboard, Canvas, D2L/Brightspace, Moodle—as well as for Inclusive Access.

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  1. OpenStax e-book

    To optimize the student experience in Achieve, we have partnered with OpenStax to include an assignable e-book along with our other digital resources. Our VitalSource e-book is available online or offline, allows students to highlight and take notes, and it is compatible with screen readers.

  2. Homework

    When it comes to homework, we know that feedback is important to learning. In Achieve, our assessments offer students an opportunity to practice with a variety of question types with the support of hints, answer-specific feedback, and solutions.

  3. Interactives

    Robust interactives on the most complex topics allow students to engage with the material in a new way. The interactives can be used for open-ended exploration or combined with assessment questions to build on a student’s knowledge of the concept.

  4. HAPS Learning Outcomes

    To help you organize your course and track student progress, we have tagged every assessment in Achieve with HAPS Learning Outcomes, and have added over 4,000 new questions to directly address these outcomes. Our insights and reporting tools allow you to view the class performance as a whole and to drill down to see each individual student’s particular answers.

  5. Student Engagement with iClicker

    Easy integration and gradebook sync with iClicker classroom engagement solutions pairs perfectly with our suite of in-class active learning resources.

    Using Achieve & iClicker

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See Available Anatomy and Physiology Titles

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