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Macmillan Learning leverages data and research to develop digital resources that empower learners to reach their full potential. By blending the best of learning and implementation sciences with valuable insights from instructors and students, these digital resources equitably support and drive success for all.

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234 Institutions

110 Minority-Serving Institutions

2 Women's Colleges

Disciplines: 21

4-Year Institutions: 135

2-Year Institutions: 69

Public: 153

Private: 51

Project Highlights

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Gates Foundation: Sense of Belonging & Metacognition

Discover how targeted interventions improve students’ sense of belonging and metacognitive skills, helping close achievement gaps for Black, Latino, Indigenous, and Lower-Income (BLI-LI) students.

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Goal-setting and Reflection Survey Research Note

Research shows that students who participate in GRS Surveys not only perform better in their courses but also exhibit higher levels of self-efficacy and engagement.

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LearningCurve Research Note

Integrating LearningCurve activities enhances course performance, leading to better overall grades. This approach is particularly advantageous for first-generation students.

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