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The instructors and students who participated in our co-design process identified their biggest challenges in the writing course, and we set out to solve them with features that provide opportunities for drafting, peer review, source check, reflection, and revision. The result is a flexible, integrated suite of tools for designing and facilitating writing assignments, paired with actionable insights that make studentsʼ progress toward outcomes clear and measurable.

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Achieve is now available for Literature and Technical Communication courses!

Achieve Offers:

Access to the ebook to download, read and virtually annotate for a completely flexible experience
Course and book-specific resources resources including adaptive quizzing to personalise the experience for students
A grade book, assignable assessments with targeted feedback, insights and reporting, instructor resources - all with seamless integration options.
Integrated with iClicker so that instructors and students can benefit in class and remotely from an industry leading student response system.
Peer review tools that scaffold and develop students reviewing skills.
Reflection prompts chosen by lecturers support students to articulate the choices they’re making as writers, increasing their rhetorical awareness and promotes awareness during the drafting process.

Achieve Writing Tools

The content you trust plus the writing tools you need. Built in collaboration with nearly 600 instructors and 1,000 first-year writing students, the Writing Tools in Achieve are designed to support best practices for commenting on student drafts.

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  1. Revision

    The Revision Plan lets students take ownership of revision planning by helping them turn feedback into strategies for strengthening their writing. Revision planning creates accountability for students and provides instructors with additional insight into how well students understand the feedback they’ve received.

  2. Reflection

    Instructors can choose and customize reflection prompts. Students can communicate their confidence in their writing and articulate the choices they’re making as writers, increasing their rhetorical awareness and promoting the transfer of skills from draft to draft.

  3. Peer Review

    Integrate peer review into your writing assignments, using tools that scaffold and support students’ development as reviewers. Monitor and manage every step of the peer review process and ensure that students stay on track.

  4. Instructor Feedback Tools

    Powerful commenting tools allow instructors to focus their feedback on success criteria and efficiently mark patterns of error. Feedback links to e-book content to provide students with point-of-need support within the context of their own writing.

  5. Insights and Reporting

    Insights highlight student engagement, provide opportunities for intervention, and visualize trends in student progress from assignment to assignment. Easily track what students do with instructor and peer feedback, and use reflection data to understand students’ sentiments about their work in the course.

  6. Source Check

    Do your students struggle with citation and documentation?  With Source Check, students have access to a plagiarism detection tool that helps them become more responsible stewards of information and ethical researchers and writers.

Additional Features

Achieve is a fully mobile, accessible, flexible, modular system to help you deploy and manage all your pre-class, in-class, and post-class curriculum in one place (and integrate it with your LMS if preferred), while gathering insights from it all in a simple and powerful interface.

  1. Interactive e-Book

    Interactive e-book features highlighting, notetaking, offline access and read aloud functionality and the e-book is searchable, accessible, and downloadable.

  2. Diagnostics with Personalized Study Plan

    Each English course offers four distinct diagnostics followed by personalized study plans that provide instructional resources that target each student's identified growth areas.

  3. LearningCurve

    LearningCurve offers individualized question sets and feedback based on each student's correct and incorrect responses. All the questions are tied back to the e-book to encourage students to use the resources at hand.

  4. Gradebook

    An easy-to-use Gradebook provides a clear window into performance for the whole class, for individual students, and for individual assignments, to help you to give every student the support they need.

  5. iClicker Integration

    iClicker seamlessly integrates into the Achieve gradebook, allowing you to engage students in your class with our award-winning student response system.

    Using Achieve & iClicker

  6. Faculty Support

    We take our support seriously, and it is important to us that if you do have questions about any of our products, you get the assistance you need when you need it--through our sales team, our discipline and product specialists, our training teams, our online training and support materials, and our support team.

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Jennifer Duncan of Georgia State University - Perimeter College and Joel Wilson of Keiser University and Community College of Allegheny County discuss how Achieve changed their classroom and changed the way their students learn.


82% of students reported actively learning in their course this semester


88% of students* reported that Achieve activities were engaging


3.26 out of 4 instructors strongly agree that Achieve can enhance learning in this course.

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