Calculus for the AP® Course

Third Edition

Publication Date: January 07, 2020

Hardcover ISBN: 9781319244316

Pages: 1024

Trusted authors and integrated student support for success in AP® Calculus.

Specifically designed to support the needs of AP® students and teachers as well as align with the current College Board AP® Calculus Course and Exam Description (CED), Sullivan and Miranda’s Calculus for the AP® Course, third edition, offers a student-friendly and focused narrative

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ISBN: 9781319386979
Calculus for the AP® Course


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ISBN: 9781319244316
Calculus for the AP® Course


About the Authors

What Is Calculus?
Student’s Guide to This Book

Chapter P Preparing for Calculus

UNIT 1 Limits and Continuity

Chapter 1 Limits and Continuity

UNIT 2 Differentiation: Definition and Fundamental Properties

Chapter 2 The Derivative and Its Properties

UNIT 3 Differentiation: Composite, Implicit, and Inverse Functions

Chapter 3 The Derivative of Composite, Implicit, and Inverse Functions

UNIT 4 Contextual Applications of Differentiation

Chapter 4 Applications of the Derivative, Part 1

UNIT 5 Analytical Applications of Differentiation

Chapter 5 Applications of the Derivative, Part 2

UNIT 6 Integration and Accumulation of Change

Chapter 6: Part 1 The Integral

Chapter 6: Part 2 Techniques of Integration

UNIT 7 Differential Equations

Chapter 7: Differential Equations

UNIT 8 Applications of Integration

Chapter 8: Applications of the Integral

AP® Practice Exam: Calculus AB

UNIT 9 Parametric Equations; Polar Coordinates; and Vector-Valued Functions

Chapter 9: Parametric Equations; Polar Coordinates; Vector Functions

UNIT 10 Infinite Sequences and Series

Chapter 10: Infinite Series

AP® Practice Exam: Calculus BC

Appendix A Precalculus Used in Calculus

Appendix B Theorems and Proofs

Appendix C Using Calculators on the AP® Calculus Exam


End Sheets

Table of Derivatives

Table of Integrals