Essentials of Environmental Science

Second Edition

Publication Date: May 15, 2019

Paperback ISBN: 9781319065669

Pages: 444

At just 15 chapters, Essentials of Environmental Science is ideal for a one-semester course. It takes the same non-biased approach as its parent text, teaching students to think critically about data presented. In addition to being briefer, Essentials is even more accessible...

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ISBN: 9781319192310
Essentials of Environmental Science


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ISBN: 9781319065669
Essentials of Environmental Science


Ch. 1  Introduction to Environmental Science
Ch. 2  Matter, Energy, and Change
Ch. 3  Ecosystem Ecology and Biomes
Ch. 4  Evolution, Biodiversity, and Community Ecology
Ch. 5  Human Population Growth
Ch. 6  Geologic Processes, Soils, and Minerals
Ch. 7  Land Resources and Agriculture
Ch. 8 Nonrenewable and Renewable Energy
Ch. 9  Water Resources and Water Pollution
Ch. 10 Air Pollution
Ch. 11 Solid Waste Generation and Disposal
Ch. 12 Human Health Risk
Ch. 13 Conservation of Biodiversity
Ch. 14 Climate Alteration and Global Change
Ch. 15 Environmental Economics, Equity, and Policy