• The Power of a Lab in the Palm of Your Hand


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    Explore Your World. 

    iOLab is re-imagining the idea of a Physics Lab.  This revolutionary hardware software system from the authors/inventors of FlipItPhysics (smartPhysics) and iClicker, Mats Selen and Tim Stelzer provides students with an accessible hand held data-gathering device.  Wireless communication between the iOLab and the software enables a student to see the results of an experiment in real-time.  They gain hands-on experience and watch their data graphed as they measure the world around them.   No longer confined to the physical environment of the lab or large scale equipment set up, a student can bring the iOLab to their dorm room, a coffee shop, anywhere they can use a laptop and iOLab!  This flexibility makes it possible for instructors to design and implement virtually any experiment they want to assign their students or demonstrate in lecture.  iOLab sparks the imagination and re-energizes the teaching experience; but most importantly it facilitates authentic learning of physics concepts for students!


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