Macmillan Learning Inclusive Access

Use of digital learning platforms has been shown to reduce institutional costs up to 35%.

Inclusive Access is a program that ensures that every student has access to their course materials through their LMS on the first day of class.

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How Does it Work?

Every school is different, so we work with you to meet your needs. In general, though, instructors choose their Macmillan Learning course materials by creating their course in Achieve and connecting it to the campus LMS. Or, if you're using an e-book only, we load that book into your LMS. Your school directly bills the students who take that course for their course materials. We charge you only for the students who take the course.

The Benefits

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Keep costs of course materials down.

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Make sure students are ready to go on the first day of class.

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Remove issues with financial aid, so you’re ready to go at the start of class and you pay less for your course materials.

The University of Florida estimates they have

$13,000,000 +

when comparing opt-in price vs a print package that would have been carried in the store

$3,500,000 +

when comparing opt-in price vs a standalone access code that would have been carried in the store

Estimates are since the inception of the program in 2013

The Numbers

88 percent


At Richland College (TX): 88% of student respondents agree or strongly agree that they were more prepared for the course because the materials were available on the first day of class.

70 percent


With Inclusive Access, college students can save up to 70% on adaptable, engaging digital course materials that are available before the first day of class.

60 percent


The money saved by shifting from print to digital platforms can be as much as 60%.

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Inclusive Access is great!

The first semester we implemented inclusive access my emails from online students decreased dramatically. The first day of class all students have access to the materials they need for the course; thus, helping retention. There is no confusion about codes and trial access. The implementation process was smooth. The folks at Macmillan are readily available and helpful. We are very pleased with inclusive access.”

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