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How to Create a Works Cited or References List : A Research Guide by Mike Palmquist

How Do I Decide Which Sources to Include?

Once you decide which type of system you are going to use, you can begin to compile your works cited or references list. If you have been keeping track of the sources you've used as you draft your project document, or you have been using a working bibliography, that task should be fairly easy. When deciding which sources to include in your works cited or references list, the easiest thing to do is to choose the sources you have used in drafting your document.

One simple strategy for choosing which sources to include on a works cited page is to simply go through your paper and make a list of all the sources you have already cited within the text of your document. Those sources should then appear at the end of your document (if you have chosen MLA style, for example) on a works cited page. If you haven't already cited your sources within the text of your document as you went along, your task might be a little harder, but certainly not impossible. In that case, you need to consult your notes and sources, and look for any information in your project document that came from a source other than yourself. After making a list of those sources, your next step is to make sure you follow the correct format for the documentation style you've chosen.

To learn about issues to watch out for when creating a works cited page, see the demonstration Confusing Sources, Confusing Styles: Avoiding Problems with Documentation.