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How to Create a Works Cited or References List : A Research Guide by Mike Palmquist


A works cited or references list provides a complete set of citations, or formal acknowledgements, for your sources. The list includes the following key publication information about each source you use in your research document:

  • Author(s) and/or editor(s)
  • Title
  • Publication date
  • Publisher and city of publication (for books)
  • Periodical name, volume, issue, and page numbers (for articles)
  • URL and access date (for online publications)

The specific format of your list will depend on the documentation system you use. In this guide, you'll learn how to make decisions about which type of documentation system to choose, which sources to include, and the pitfalls to avoid when compiling your works cited or references list. To do so, follow the links below:

For more specific information about MLA style or APA style or for information about other types of documentation styles, such as Chicago or CSE, consult the appropriate Web site for each documentation system or visit Diana Hacker's Research and Documentation Online.