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The foundation for every lab course is the lab manual. We can design and customize your Hayden-McNeil Lab Manual and embed it into a full Hayden-McNeil Online Course. Our custom lab manuals allow to use only the labs you need, in a digital or print format, saving you time, resources and saving your students money.

Available in print and digital formats


Are you interested in a printed lab manual?

Whatever course you teach, Hayden-McNeil can help you build a suitable, affordable custom print solution. We can work with you to bring your ideas to fruition.

We have dedicated publishing team professionals that will work with you from idea to project completion. Click to see a brief before-and-after sampling of our work.

See Before-and-After Samples

Or are you interested in an e-lab manual?

We can work with you on an e-manual that you can add to your school’s Hayden McNeil Online Course (HMOC), or one that you can put into your own learning management system. Either way, we are happy to work with you on the right solution for you.

Full-color Scientific Illustrations and Photos

The e-Lab Manual features our full-color scientific illustrations and photos to enhance the student's reading experience.

overview detailing experimental error


We can embed multimedia right in line with the reading experience. Use your existing media or have our custom digital team to create custom media based on your ideas.

screenshot of ebook page with video

On the Fly Editing

Our e-Lab Manual solution in the HMOC offers on the fly editing that can easily be turned on and off to give instructors control over content updates when they need to make them.

Hayden McNeil screenshot of editing a chapter in an experiment

Or do you want to start by seeing what we have in existence for your discipline?

We can help you build customized pre-lab safety and procedure videos, interactive learning objects and quizzes that can be gradable. Have you written your own lab experiments or created supplements to work around equipment restrictions or other constraints within your institution?

Hayden-McNeil has collaborated with lab instructors for decades helping them build their ideal lab course materials. You can access lab illustrations, images, photos, written experiments and digital interactives from our Hayden-McNeil Content Collection. Lab instructors work with a dedicated managing editor and on-staff scientific illustrators, designers and digital project managers who can render illustrations and digital interactives from scratch to your specifications. Get started on your custom publishing journey by having a brief conversation about your lab course needs today.

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