Macmillan Learning

When You Are Thinking about Affordable Resources

We know that many of you have the mission to promote student success by providing affordable learning alternatives.

Just because we are a publisher who provides support and resources, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have affordable alternatives. Some examples are:


Our ebooks are not more than 50% of the cost of the printed book, and the cost goes down as the book and edition get older.


Our unbound, printed versions of our textbooks are often available at a deep discount—and still provide students with the resources they need.

Customized Solutions

Whether you are looking to create a customized version of one of our textbooks, author your own text, or incorporate our content with your own, we are uniquely poised to help create resources that align with your curriculum and pricing objectives both in print and online.

Sapling Learning

Available for Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, and Physics.                   

Our online homework solution, which can be paired with any title (including those from OpenStax), will give your students access to excellent resources, without the high cost.


Available for Economics and Physics.

Designed to work with any textbook, FlipIt gives your students access to resources before class to help make your class discussions more engaging—all at a reasonable cost.

Do the Math.

Working with Macmillan Learning CAN be AFFORDABLE. And you can still get all the service and support you are used to! 

Talk to your representative for more information (including pricing that falls within the rules of your institution or state).