Lab Simulations Take Learning to Another Level

Take learning beyond the classroom with our interactive, flexible, and accessible lab simulations. With over 100 lab simulations to choose from, instructors can easily incorporate a simulation into their course and add or remove components to fit their lab needs. Our lab simulations fully support in-class or remote learning and instructors can execute out-of-the-box experiments that they might not have the opportunity to conduct in class due to safety, lack of resources, or other reasons.

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Features & Capabilities


  • Students can access labs anywhere with an internet connection
  • Videos are offered with closed captioning and an accessible player
  • Labs are designed to work with screen readers and are WCAG 2.0 compliant
  • Lab simulations include colorblind mode and keyboard navigation

Conduct More Experiments

Create virtual labs and conduct experiments that can’t be supported in person due to time, safety, or lab setup limitation

Improve Class Preparation

Lab simulation walkthroughs can be assigned as prework so students can familiarize themselves with in-person labs before class

Supplement Your Custom Lab Solutions With Our Existing Content Collection

Our existing collection of lab content provides a wealth of supplemental resources for your course. Choose from hundreds of videos, simulations, illustrations, exercises, and more to complement your custom Lab Solution. You can always choose to create new content at a later time or modify our existing resources to fit your needs.

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Student Lab Notebooks

Explore our existing lab solutions for Anatomy & Physiology.

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Achieve Labs

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Lab Simulations

Student Lab Notebooks

Explore our existing lab solutions for Biology.

Achieve Labs

Lab Simulations

Lab Simulations

Student Lab Notebooks

Explore our existing lab solutions for Chemistry.

Achieve Labs

Lab Simulations

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Explore our existing lab solutions for Microbiology.


Lab Experiments

Student Lab Notebooks

Explore our existing lab solutions for Physics.

Lab Solutions That Engage Majors and Non-Majors

Whether you are adopting a prebuilt lab solution or electing to use customization services (formerly Hayden-McNeil Lab Solutions), Macmillan Learning Lab Solutions engage all lab students to better understand scientific concepts.

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“The process is so easy that I tell competitors that it would be more work to leave.”

-Jennifer Steuckle, West Virginia University

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Creating the Perfect Custom Lab Solution

Our guide to creating your perfect custom lab resources is intended to equip science educators with information to understand, evaluate, and navigate creating custom lab materials to suit their course needs. If you're ready to get started, schedule a quick call with a lab specialist below!

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