An Educator's Guide to Creating Inclusive Environments and Fostering Equitable Opportunities

Knowing how to drive meaningful change can be difficult. Our free educators guide offers a range of research-informed strategies to help you build more representative, inclusive and equitable learning environments.

Macmillan Learning · Jul, 2023

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For decades, research into the impact of diverse classrooms, inclusive learning experiences, and equitable education initiatives on learning outcomes was extremely limited.

Within education, researchers have tried to push beyond racial climates on campuses and in classrooms and the impacts of affirmative action since the 1990s. During the pandemic, we were reminded that education has not yet been the great equaliser we hoped it would be, despite more marginalised students attending university than ever before.

Knowing that efforts to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion require a great deal of intention and persistence to drive meaningful change, researchers have shifted their focus to student development and outcomes.

Researchers are still working to answer the question, “how do we best create the most equitable learning experiences for all students, regardless of their backgrounds?” There is still a great deal that all of us in higher education have to learn but, we know more than we did 50 years ago.

In this edition of the Macmillan Learning Educators’ Guide, we will share several research-informed strategies and suggestions that any educator can use to create inclusive learning environments and foster equitable opportunities for their students, paired with tools and features we’ve created for your use.

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