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At Macmillan Learning, we offer tools for pre-class learning, in-class engagement, and post-class assessment. We value your feedback and use it to continually improve our digital solutions.

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Achieve is a comprehensive set of interconnected teaching and assessment tools. It incorporates the most effective elements from Macmillan’s market leading solutions - including Sapling, LaunchPad, iClicker and others - in a single, easy to use platform. Our resources were co-designed with instructors and students, using a foundation of learning research and rigorous testing.

Available for: Anatomy and Physiology, Astronomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Economics, Ecology, English, Environmental Science, Geography, Geology, Lab Simulations, Physics, and Statistics.

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Achieve Essentials

Achieve Essentials provides your students with the tools and content they need to succeed in this course. Available across a variety of disciplines and courses, Achieve Essentials includes the relevant materials for your students in each course, whether that’s graphing problems for economics or simulations in biology or molecular drawing in chemistry or even animations in physics. Check out your course today to see what’s happening.

Available for: Astronomy, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Economics, Physics, and Statistics

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At roughly half the cost of the print text, e-books meet students where they already live—online.

Available for: All Disciplines

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iClicker's innovative classroom response system makes it easy to track attendance, increase participation, facilitate quizzes, measure performance, and get more out of your classroom.

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iOLab combines all the measurement devices and components needed for hundreds of physics labs in a single device, linking them to a software solution for gathering data and recording results. With iOLab, students are able to conduct Physics experiments from their own home with just the device and a computer.

Available for: Physics

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Lab Simulations

Lab Simulations provide students with an authentic experience that moves laboratory learning beyond the classroom. With an editable lab manual, in-lab simulations and post-lab assessment, these interactive simulations allow Biology and Chemistry students to replicate the in-lab experience from the comfort of their own home with just an internet connection.

Available for: Biology & Chemistry

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