A Quick Guide to Student Engagement

If you are struggling with student engagement you are not alone! That is why we've pulled together some simple tips and research considerations to help you improve engagement with your students.

Macmillan Learning· Jul, 2023

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It really is a tale as old as time — a room full of students staring blankly at a lecturer who has just posed a question to them. Some students are even nodding off in the back of the classroom. It’s not necessarily a story of disinterested students but it might be one of disengaged students.

If you’ve ever struggled to keep your students engaged, you’re not alone. Engaging students has always been a pain point for educators. Whether you’re trying to engage university students during lectures or get small group activities to thrive (or anything in between), you’ve likely come up against some hurdles.

An engaged student is one who is curious about, interested in, and attentive to what they’re learning. Engaged students feel a positive emotional connection to their learning experience. Without engagement, students might end up detached or focused entirely on memorization.

Sometimes engagement comes easily. A student might be so deeply interested in a subject that they’re on the edge of their seats during every class. It’s more often the case that educators have to help foster a positive connection between students’ lives and what they’re learning.

Supporting student engagement is possible if you know what barriers stand in the way and what strategies and activities to incorporate to drive engagement. As an educator, you can take the driver’s seat with a few simple considerations and steps.

Download our Quick Guide to Student Engagement here for tips and sample activities to try!