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Achieve is our online learning system backed by extensive development and research. Proven to increase student engagement and boost performance.

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Achieve Offers:

Access to the ebook to download, read and virtually annotate for a completely flexible experience
Course and book-specific resources resources including adaptive quizzing to personalise the experience for students
A grade book, assignable assessments with targeted feedback, insights and reporting, instructor resources - all with seamless integration options.
Integrated with iClicker so that instructors and students can benefit in class and remotely from an industry leading student response system.
History tutorials on a variety of topics like working with primary sources, avoiding plagiarism, preparing writing assignments, and taking effective notes support students with their fundamental study skills.
A wealth of primary sources along with formative and summative assessments. Helping students to build historical thinking skills.


Achieve is a fully mobile, accessible, flexible system to help you deploy and manage all your tools for pre-class learning, in-class engagement, and post-class assessment—(and integrate it within your LMS if preferred), while gathering insights on student comprehension and engagement—all in a single simple and powerful interface.

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  1. Primary Sources and Source-Based Quizzes

    Achieve provides access to the narrative as well as a wealth of primary sources along with formative and summative assessments and robust insight reports at the ready. Source-based quizzing offers the easiest way to engage students, help them build historical thinking skills, and tailor teaching to student needs, whether those classes are online, in-person, or in between.

  2. History Tutorials

    History tutorials on a variety of topics like working with primary sources, avoiding plagiarism, preparing writing assignments, and taking effective notes come with auto-graded quizzes and are designed to help students improve their college-level reading, writing and study skills.

  3. Interactive e-book

    Interactive e-book narrative features highlighting, note-taking, offline access and read aloud functionality and the e-book is searchable, accessible, and downloadable.

  4. LearningCurve Adaptive Quizzing

    LearningCurve offers individualized question sets and feedback based on each student's correct and incorrect responses. All the questions are tied back to the e-book to encourage students to use the resources at hand.

  5. Reflection Activities

    Reflection Activities invite students to reflect on what they have read in each chapter and to comment on what was most interesting or challenging and also to rate their confidence in their comprehension of the material.

  6. Assessment

    Assessment promotes content knowledge and skill-building as students engage with LearningCurve adaptive quizzes, auto-graded end-of-chapter questions, and homework assignments with primary source and map questions.

  7. In-Class Activities

    Vetted and tested in-class activities provide instructors with an off-the-shelf resource for more active learning during their classes.

  8. Insights and Reporting

    Insights and Reporting provide powerful analytics, viewable in an elegant dashboard, that offer instructors a window into student progress and facilitate lessons that are specifically tailored to students’ needs.

  9. Gradebook

    An easy-to-use Gradebook provides a clear window into performance for the whole class, for individual students, and for individual assignments, to help you to give every student the support they need.

  10. iClicker Integration

    iClicker seamlessly integrates into the Achieve gradebook, allowing you to engage students in your class with our award-winning student response system.

    Using Achieve & iClicker

  11. LMS Integration

    Want to make your life easier? Keep all your course content and students’ grades in one place, with one sign-in.

  12. Faculty Support

    We take our support seriously, and it is important to us that if you do have questions about any of our products, you get the assistance you need when you need it--through our sales team, our discipline and product specialists, our training teams, our online training and support materials, and our support team.

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