Behavioral Genetics

Seventh Edition

Publication Date: October 02, 2016

Hardcover ISBN: 9781464176050

Pages: 528

Authored by leading experts in the field, the new seventh edition of this classic text provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive introduction to behavioral genetics available today

With its clear and concise presentation, Behavioral Genetics, 7th edition introduces students to the field’s underlying principles, defining experiments, ongoing controversies, and most recent discoveries.  The text provides students with an understanding of heredity, it’s DNA basis,...
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Behavioral Genetics


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ISBN: 9781464176050
Behavioral Genetics




CHAPTER 1  Overview

CHAPTER 2 Historical Perspective

The Era of Darwin

Charles Darwin

Francis Galton

Box 2.1 Francis Galton

Pre-Mendelian Concepts of Heredity and Variation




CHAPTER 3 Mendel's Laws and Beyond

Mendel’s Laws

Mendel’s First Law of Heredity

Box 3.1 Gregor Mendel’s Luck

Mendel’s Second Law of Heredity

Box 3.2 How Do We Know That 1 in 50 People Are Carriers for PKU?

Beyond Mendel’s Laws

Complex Traits

Multiple Gene Inheritance

Quantitative Genetics

Box 3.3 Liability-Threshold Model of Disorders

X-Chromosome: An Extension to Mendel’s Laws


CHAPTER 4 The Biological Basis of Heredity


Box 4.1 The "Central Dogma" of Molecular Genetics



CHAPTER 5 Animal Models in Behavioral Genetics

Quantitative Genetic Experiments to Investigate Animal Behavior

Selection Studies

Inbred Strain Studies

Animal Studies for Identifying Genes and Gene Functions

Creating Mutations

Quantitative Trait Loci

Synteny Homology


CHAPTER 6  Nature, Nurture and Human Behavior

Investigating the Genetics of Human Behavior

Adoption Designs

Box 6.1 The First Adoption Study of Schizophrenia

Box 6.2 Issues in Adoption Studies

Twin Design

Box 6.3 The Twin Method    



CHAPTER 7 Estimating Genetic and Environmental Influences


Box 7.1 Estimating Heritability Directly from DNA

Interpreting Heritability


Shared Environment

Nonshared Environment

Estimating Shared and Nonshared Environmental Influences

Identifying Specific Nonshared Environment

Identifying Specific Nonshared Environment That Predicts Behavioral Outcomes

Multivariate Analysis


Chapter 8 The Interplay between Genes and Environment

Beyond Heritability

Genotype-Environment Correlation

The Nature of Nurture

Three Types of Genotype-Environment Correlation

    Three Methods to Detect Genotype-Environment Correlation


Genotype-Environment Interaction

Animal Models

Adoption Studies

    Twin Studies



CHAPTER 9 Identifying Genes


Expanded Triplet Repeats

Detecting Polymorphisms

    Box 9.1 DNA Markers

Human Behavior

    Linkage: Single-Gene Disorders

    Linkage: Complex Disorders

    Box 9.2 Affected Sib-Pair Linkage Design

Association: Candidate Genes

    Association: Genomewide

    Box 9.3 SNP Microarrays


CHAPTER 10  Pathways between Genes and Behavior

Box 10.1
Levels of Analysis
Gene Expression and the Role of Epigenetics

The Transcriptome: Gene Expression throughout the Genome

    Gene Expression Profiles: RNA Microarrays and Sequence-Based Approaches

        Gene Expression and Genetics

    Gene Expression as a Biological Basis for Environmental Influence

The Proteome: Proteins Coded throughout the Transcriptome

The Brain

        Box 10.2 Endophenotypes

    Learning and Memory



CHAPTER 11 Cognitive Abilities

Animal Research

General Cognitive Ability

Specific Cognitive Abilities

Neurocognitive Measures of Cognitive Abilities

School Achievement

Three Special Genetic Findings about Cognitive Abilities

Heritability Increases During Development

Assortative Mating is Substantial

The same genes affect diverse cognitive and learning abilities

Identifying Genes


CHAPTER 12 Cognitive Disabilities

General Cognitive Disability: Quantitative Genetics

General Cognitive Disability: Single-Gene Disorders


    Fragile X Syndrome

    Rett Syndrome

    Other Single-Gene Disorders

General Cognitive Disability: Chromosomal Abnormalities

    Down Syndrome

   Sex Chromosome Abnormalities

Small Chromosomal Deletions

Specific Cognitive Disabilities

Reading Disability     

        Communication Disorders

    Mathematics Disability

    Comorbidity among Specific Cognitive Disabilities


CHAPTER 13 Schizophrenia

Box 13.1
The Beginnings of Psychiatric Genetics: Bethlem Royal and Maudsley Hospitals

Family Studies

Twin Studies

Adoption Studies

Schizophrenia or Schizophrenias?

Identifying Genes


CHAPTER 14 Other Adult Psychopathology

Mood Disorders

    Family Studies

    Twin Studies

        Adoption Studies

SNP-Based Heritability

    Identifying Genes

Anxiety Disorders

Other Disorders

Co-Occurrence of Disorders

Identifying Genes


CHAPTER 15  Developmental Psychopathology


    Family and Twin Studies

    Identifying Genes

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

        Twin Studies

    Identifying Genes

Distruptive Behavior Disorders

Anxiety Disorders

Other Disorders

Overview of Twin Studies of Childhood Disorders

SNP-Based Heritability Findings for Childhood Disorders


CHAPTER 16  Personality and Personality Disorders

Self-Report Questionnaires

Other Measures of Personality

Other Findings



    Nature-Nurture Interplay

Personality and Social Psychology


    Attitudes and Political Behavior

Behavioral Economics

Personality Disorders

    Schizotypal Personality Disorder

Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder

Antisocial Personality Disorder and Criminal Behavior

Identifying Genes


Chapter 17 Substance Use Disorders

Alcohol Dependence

      Twin and Adoption Research on Alcohol-Related Phenotypes

      Animal Research on Alcohol-Related Phenotypes

Molecular Genetic Research on Alcohol-Related Phenotypes

Nicotine Dependence

      Twin Research on Smoking-Related Phenotypes

      Molecular Genetic Research on Smoking-Related Phenotypes

Other Drugs

Complexities of Studying the Genetics of Substance Use


CHAPTER 18  Health Psychology

Health Psychology

        Body Weight and Obesity

Subjective Well-Being and Health

Health Psychology and Genetic Counseling


CHAPTER 19 Aging

Cognitive Aging

General Cognitive Ability

Specific Cognitive Abilities


Genes and Normal Cognitive Aging

Health and Aging

Physiological Functioning

Behavioral and Physical Functioning

Self-Rated Health

Molecular Genetics and Physical Health



CHAPTER 20  The Future of Behavioral Genetics

Quantitative Genetics

Molecular Genetics

Implications of Nature and Nurture

Appendix Statistical Methods in Behavioral Genetics

1. Introduction

Box A.1 Behavioral Genetic Interactive Modules

1.1 Variation and Covariation: Statistical Descriptions of Individual Differences

2. Quantitative Genetics

2.1 The Biometric Model

2.2 Estimating Variance Components

3. Molecular Genetics

3.1 Linkage Analysis

3.2 Association Analysis




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Test Bank for Behavioral Genetics

Valerie S. Knopik; Jenae M. Neiderhiser; John C. DeFries; Robert Plomin | Seventh Edition | ©2017 | ISBN:9781319083342

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